Friday, February 01, 2008

Sweet 16

Bec is 16 today!!! Woohoo. Now apparantly she can apply for her learners permit. Thats all she talks about!! She will probably do the test sometime next week.
She loved her pressies, I had to wake Nic and Renee up as Bec had to leave at 7.40. My brother who has not managed to remember any of my girls birthdays for YEARS rang at 8.10 to speak with her, had to tell him that she starts school at 8! Told him that he did however get browny points for ringing! He said he would send her a text message, which he did and Bec was impressed.

Picked up a Chocolate Mud Cake on the way home and we sang happy birthday when the girls were all home from school.
Nic and Renee have finally got their proper classes. Renee is happy to really be Year 1. Im not familiar with Renees teacher but both Bec and Sarah had the teacher Nic has this year and Im quite happy with that.
Nic has her swim carnival next Thursday and Sarah's is next Friday. Sarah is actually swimming this year so Im keen to get there but I have to do the Vegie Co-op shop but hopefully Ill have time to see her swim.
Girls are with their dad this weekend so hopefully we can have a very quiet weekend. Brett is going to pick up his mums exercise bike so maybe we can start doing a bit of exercise.
I need to do a bit of menu planning this weekend and sort out what everyone will be eating while Im away at Conference.


Mother Hubbard said...

Happy Birthday Bec!

You feeling old yet Ann?

lol lol lol lol

C said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Bec
Happy Birthday to you
(sounded good singing it on the phone ask S *Wink*)
Love your Godmum & gang!