Friday, February 09, 2007


Went to Riverstone pool today for the Swim Carnival. N did very well yet again and will probably go to District for Freestyle and the relay. I managed to convince her to swim Backstroke as she didnt want to, it only cost me $3 lol. She seems to enjoy the swimming. This year she swam 100m freestyle and came first in the Junior girls section. The District Carnival is around March 14th I think.

Finished the school shopping yesterday afternoon at Westpoint. Both N & S got new school bags and S finally got some school shoes. Must remember to get D to pay half of a lot of the school stuff like I did last year.

R is now bored with School. She is apparantly tired of the teacher reading stories and also says they only have green paint in their class. N asked her what she did today at lunch time while she was at the swim carnival and she said she went to the library with friends and played checkers!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

No car day

DH took the car in to work with him so as to give to new owner after work. We don't pick up new car (used car) until tomorrow night so this means 2 days of walking to and from schoo. Grrrr and TYPICALLY it was at least 35'C this afternoon. Getting to school took about 35 minutes as R only has little legs. I remembered to wear a hat back to school in the afternoon when picking up the girls and for the trip home made N put hers on. We stopped a number of times coming home and poor R was sweating like crazy. Even with a hat and a bottle water I still managed to get a killer of a headache so doped up on a couple of Nurofen Plus and had a lie down. If tomorrow is going to be as hot I think we may have a day of School.

Bloody Homeside still haven't deposited the extra money we borrowed. They have of course set up the new Mortgage account etc.....gee there's a surprise. This will be the last time we bother with Homeside. This is not the first time they have mucked us around but it will be the last.

Having no car today meant I postponed my midlife crisis hair cut till Wednesday. Thursday is Swimming Carnival and Friday is the infant assembly and then lunch with J & C. Looking forward to that. The L's are coming to stay this weekend to help us finish painting the downstairs of the house. Should be fun.

Need to get a quote from a gardening place to come and clean up the yard and do a bit of weeding before my 40th B'day party. Also need to get one of those skip things as we have a huge indoor clean up to do as well. If we end up moving it will be a big help to clean out sooner rather than later.

Invites to my party should go out in the next few days. Ive given DH all the email addresses. Funny how times change. Everyone I want to invite is on the other end of an email. Although DH said if someone doesn't have internet they aren't welcome in his house rofl. Well its my house too!!!

Im a Soccer mum

Bought a new car Saturday morning. Just under $7K. The lease payment on the Honda was just killing us so its bye bye Honda, hello 1995 Toyota. Not very exciting but it will (hopefully) get us from A to B for the next year or so.
Finally signed up N for soccer. She will play on Sundays with a girls team but sometimes may be asked to fill in on the mixed team. She is very excited. We may also sign R up in a couple of weeks. They have a muster type thing for the little ones where she can play a little and see if she likes it. It won't clash with Little A's so she should be ok. I realise I will have to get out of bed on the weekends before Midday but I guess this is a sacrifice Im prepared to make.
R went to her first School friend Birthday party. Not bad for only 3 days at school but this was a Preschool and now School friend. She had a good time. The mum plus the grandma said she was great fun and they couldnt believe how chatty and confident she is. I guess R being tiny is quite deceiving.
Went up to MIL for dinner. Her sister/husband were there and one of their daughters. Also my FIL. Had a good evening. R was a bit of a pain after she saw a moth. She is still very tired from starting school so we forgave her a little bit. She did insist on being carried throughout the house which was annoying.

Didnt do much today except washing and tv watching. The buyer of the Honda is getting the car tomorrow and we aren't getting the Toyota until Tuesday evening so it means 2 days of walking for me and the kids. S is very angry as this means she has to walk home from Basketball training on Tuesday afternoon plus we can't go School bag and shoe shopping tomorrow afternoon. I did offer on Friday evening to give her the money to purchase both these items over the weekend while she was with her dad but she chose not to. B on the other hand did accept the money and bought herself quite a nice bag! Grrrrr @ Teenagers
Im annoyed about the car too cause I had a hair appointment tomorrow but I can get my Mid life crisis hair cut on Wednesday instead.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Gee, Im less busy at work. Did the vege co-op shop today. Another lady and I spent $389.50 on Fruit and Veg and then went back to her garage to divide it between 13 families. It was exhausting!!!! By the time I had driven back to her place, me stopping on the way to answer phone (see yesterdays post grrrr!) she had unloaded most of the boxes which is bad as she is about 4 months pregnant! I had the watermelon on my car lol. It took us about an hour and 1 coffee to sort everything out. We had Carrots, Zucchini, Bok Choy, Apples, Rockmelon, Salad leaves and much more. We ended up with 2 boxes of stuff per family....maybe I will be able to follow my dream of being a Vegetarian by the end of the year.

S had her first Basketball game of the year last night. They won 14-12 (woohoo) and Smanaged to fall in the first few minutes and graze both her knees. She also ended up with a headache which did wonders for her general mood (NOT!) Her dad goes next week and then we alternate. I must remember not to take R as its hard to watch the game and keep an eye on her at the same time. The daughter of the coach seemed happy to play with her last night, she had a electronic toy called something like 'DS' or similar. R just calls it a thingamijig and is demanding one for her birthday which isnt until July so maybe she will forget about it by then.

Made the trip out to get Dh's bike back from the repairers. Now he is a happy camper although he is now going to sell this bike and get something better and low maintenance. Even the repairer told him it would be a good idea.

When I picked R up from Day 3 she started to cry and rub her tummy, my first thought was oh no she can't be sick, but she looked at me accusingly and told me she was starving because I didnt give her enough food today. I must admit she had less than the last 2 days as we are pretty much living with Old Mother hubbards cupboard till the weekend but she had exactly the same amount of food she always took to pre-school. Guess she must be using it all up quicker this year!! I promised her she could come shopping with me this weekend to fill up the snack box.

Took R to little athletics tonight. She is so tired and grumpy from school so maybe it wasnt a good idea but she did enjoy it. We missed the last 2 weeks and I really want her to get a medal at the end of the season for all her efforts so don't want to be told we didnt attend enough times. All the kids get a participation medal which is really kewl.

R has a Birthday party tomorrow plus we are car shopping plus we have a dinner BBQ at Maz's house tomorrow night so a busy day it will be!

....and the phone rings again!!

I had absolutely no idea how many times the phone rang at home during business hours. I remember DH mentioning his surprise once before but today was ridiculous. Telemarketers, wrong numbers, friends ringing on the off chance, even sms messages on my mobile from Teen 1 for timetable info. Its much less stressful at work!! Chatted to a friend from my previous job and we have arranged to meet next Friday for lunch at another friends house. I haven't seen Friend 2 for over 12 shocking...Im really looking forward to it. Also organised with Friend 1 to get information about Soccer registration. N decided she wants to play Soccer this coming season (whenever that is!) so we will sign her up on Saturday. The $110 reg covers shorts, socks, Insurance etc...although Im not sure what 'etc' actually is but Im sure Ill soon find out as I enter the world of Soccer. Having 4 daughters, I never thought it would be world I would sexist of me!!
R survived Day 2 of School. There are now 12 kids in her class with another day of Kindy intake tomorrow.
I booked in at the hairdresser to have my Mid-life crisis hair cut on Monday @ 10.30.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Day 1

I woke R up at around 7.30am and the first words out of her mouth were 'am I going to School today' I said yes and she started waving her arms about 'yeh yeh yeh' Took the annual first day of school photo of the girls outside and with slight co-operation from B it went well. MIL arrived after other girls went to school and we headed off to School for our 9.50am start. Met the deputy head who is new this year and then we went to R's classroom. Met her teacher who is N's teacher from Year 2. Nice but firm. Perfect for R. She settled down to do some colouring so we left. I wasnt upset until saying goodbye. She was sitting with her back to the door and didnt turn around as we left which is what she used to do in preschool as a coping mechanism as she looked very overwhelmed. She was very tired after school and didnt have much to say but is keen to go again tomorrow. One of the girls from Preschool will be in her class when she starts tomorrow so that will be good. She was nearly asleep at 5pm but we gave her a bath and she played on the computer a bit before dinner. I think she was asleep in 5 minutes when her head hit the pillow.