Friday, February 11, 2005


Having a family BBQ tomorrow and Matt is actually coming. I assume he realises he missed his nieces birthday...he does every year anyhow..oh well. Chez isnt coming either...never know how much notice she needs to make the trip!!

Sarah came home with her District Swim note. She is not representing the School in 2 races, she is in 5 races. All 4 strokes plus a relay. She is going to be exhausted!!! In years gone by (how old do I sound) it was just the first 2 place getters who went to the next level, hence my thoughts she would only be doing Breast and Butterfly. Apparantly now (I assume starting this year) they set a qualifying time and anyone who beats it goes forward. Surely this will just lead to overcrowding rofl!! What if all 8 swimmers beat the qualifying time (highly unlikely I know but hey....) Anyway it will be a long day on the 23rd....both for Sarah and for me sitting up in the stands, and I had hoped to be able to slip away after lunch!! I know her step mum will be there as her daughter did well at her school carnival and will also be swimming in all 4 strokes...against as she does every year !!

I went to the Infants assembly today as Nic's class was hosting. Renée was easily bribed to sit still with a packet of chips. Afterwards we hung around as the kids went back to class. Nic's teacher saw me and I walked towards her just to let her know who I was. Told her I was Nicola's mum and she laughed and said 'Oh well you should be very proud!!!' Gee, she has only had my daughter in her class for 2 weeks!!! Pity the teachers can't observe the kids in their home environment!! lol

During the assembly Nics class sang Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree (including the pants on fire version!!) This evening Renée told Brett and Kookaburra said 'hoot hoot' to which Brett said no it doesn't it goes ' ' so for the next minute or so all I could hear was the Owl vs the Kookaburra. I thought that was a good time to leave for work!!

Making lunches at Midnight

I know it saves time in the morning but the 3 evenings I work the last thing I want to do is make the next days lunches. BUT at least I know that Rebecca has left the house with food - the other girls are not a problem - and at least I know that Brett will eat during the day and not have lunch at 3.30 or spend too much money each day on food.

Bretts plumber mate coming saturday to fix the washing machine whatsit. Hopefully we get mates rates and hopefully its not much cause we don't have much.

Spoke to Matt about Saturday. Asked him if he got the email with the invite and are they coming...his comment was even with a written invitation he still forgets. He forgets Bec's birthday every year...grrrrr Anyway I know Susan doesn't like coming over to this part of Sydney (the arse end) so I doubt they will

Brett isnt going to pay Bob again this month. Whilst the extra money will of course be good I still think he is going about this the wrong way and should find a Solicitor quick smart. No idea if we will have the girls this weekend. He hasn't seen them since Christmas Eve. He has been ringing the past week to say Hi to the girls but there is no answer.

I must remember to ring Chocoholics Anonymous tomorrow and get some more info on the Party Plan. Its a shame they need $300 start up fee

Ok, 2 more sandwiches to make and Im off to bed.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Its raining

Typically, it rains and all we have are broken Umbrellas. By the time I dropped Nic off it had stopped thank goodness although I had told Sarah to meet us at the gate with the Umbrella she took and she wasn't there..grrrr!!

Transfered Tupperware Party to March 1st as both Sarah and Bec are doing the District/Zone swim thing in the last week of February. Cecil from work will be looking after Renée on the Friday and she is looking forward to it lol!!

Trying today to get in touch with a customer who ordered at the end of January. Not proving an easy task. She wanted to pay with Paypal so if she doesn't return todays phone call Ill send her one of those Paypal request money things and see if she comes out of the wood work!

Brett sprained his ankle at Volleyball last night, silly boy!! Limping around the house. Went to work today but should have probably stayed home with his foot up!!

Work tonight. Gotta remember to take Jenny the Video Camera.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Swimming Carnival 2

Why doesn't the guy that came to cut our grass today look like John - Desperate Housewife Gabriellas lawn man - rofl!!

Went to Riverstone pool today for Sarah's swim carnival. She did quite well. She forgot her hat of course and the sun was beating down but they were a bit lenient with the sitting in their house groups and the kids were basically told to find shade!! Sarah came 3rd in Freestyle heat, 2nd in back stroke heat, 1st in breast stroke heat and 2nd (by a fingertip) in the Butterfly. I went home after these swims as it was very hot and as I was also hatless (must be hereditory) I was starting to feel ill. Sarah then swam a backstroke final - 3rd, and a Breast stroke final - 2nd. So she should be going to Zone in Breast stroke and Butterfly. Rebecca is going to District (high school) for Breast stroke and Butterfly also. Both girls have told me that Breast stroke is their favourite and I must admit it was the one I was best at also. The other high point of the day in my opinion was the fact that Bully #1 won her heat of the Breast stroke also but in the final another girl won the race and Sarah came second which means Bully #1 missed out - sucker!!!

Ive noticed that the Zone Carnival is on the 23rd which is when I have scheduled the damn Tupperware party so Ill switch that around although I still don't know when the District Carnival is...maybe Tupperware should wait until March!!!

Felt ill the rest of the day and cheated a bit with dinner but got no complaints. Rebecca was in a foul mood this afternoon especially when I wouldnt get off the bed to put the password in the computer for her to use it but Ill put that down the PMS.


Sunday, February 06, 2005

Spent most of today up at Motherinlaws house having a BBQ.
Also decided to get rid of 2 couches in the kids lounge room
and went to Fantastic Furniture to price Futons. $299 each
and we will probably get 2.

Very exciting

Girls came home from ex at around 8.20. Nicola hungry
as always. Renée has spent most of the weekend playing
with the Bratz dolls and messed them up a bit but it
didnt take long before Nic had them all back in the right
bags. She was calm about it too as I told her what to
expect when she went to her room instead of just letting her find them that way.

Sarahs swim Carnival is tomorrow. She has decided
she would rather swim Butterfly than where a swim
cap for the other 3 We will see......

Friday, February 04, 2005

Swimming Carnival 1

Rebecca didn't want to swim in her one piece cossie at the Carnival
this year, she has a 2 piece tho its not a bikini, covers the same bits as a 1 piece.

Day of Carnival - Rebecca missed the start of the Freestyle but
finished 3rd in her heat. She got out and said she had to pause
after diving in to pull her pants up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I think she
learnt her lesson rofl!! She borrowed a band and tied her pants
up somehow. She then came 2nd in backstroke heat, 1st in her
breaststroke heat ( and she was faster than the winner of the
other heat) and 2nd in Butterfly (only one heat.) So she is at
least threw to the next round in 2 swims if not 3.

She had promised me before the carnival she would wear a one
piece to District and I had even offered to buy her a new one
so she has decided that mum does know best and we will buy her a new cossie on Tuesday!!

Sarah swims Monday!! She has heaps of hair like me and I
wanted her to wear a swim cap but she is refusing. I even
told her she didnt have to do Butterfly if she would wear
a cap for the other 3. So what did she do????? She went
and got her note from the teacher and ticked Butterfly so
she doesn't have to wear a cap!!!

Will they ever realise that just occasionally I know what Im talking about?