Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feb 4-5 What a Waste

Got kids off to school Monday and left Brett a list on what to do when etc with the kids. Got picked up around 12 and headed off to Terrigal for the annual staff conference. Absolutely shocking weather on the drive, also shitty weather at Terrigal. The beach up there is so beautiful usually but not really when its torrential rain. No after dinner walk on the beach this time.
We had lunch at the life saving club, our group of 5 plus a couple of others were the only ones on time. Why people can't time keep properly I will never understand. We then had to move on to a sports centre and play games. Team building I believe its called.
The 'waste of time' part of the conference for me was waking up this morning feeling like death! Quite nauseas straight away which I thought was cause I only had about 5 hours sleep but after breakfast I was feeling dizzy and very ill. I went back to our room and missed the first session of the business end of the conference and called Brett who came and picked me up. He actually drove over and hour each way to come and pick me up. He's a keeper lol. Anyway, while I did have a few drinks with dinner and afterwards Im positive that was not the cause of my being sick. I was struggling to get through dinner as it was. Anyway, its Tuesday night, Im still feeling icky and Im not sure if Im going to work tomorrow, Ill decide in the morning.

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