Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I no longer like Wednesdays

OMGoodness! Im exhausted. Pick up from School, take 1 back for dancing, go pick up 1 from basketball, take her friend home then go home, pick up one from dancing, take 2 to ex's house...drivingdrivingdriving...Then I had to cook dinner!!!

This will be my life EVERY DARN WEDNESDAY!! Its not even as if this is just a seasonal thing. Dancing and Basketball is all year round. These kids better look after us in our old age!! I may start making my list of demands now!

Nic did end up coming to work as she was all sniffly and had a sore throat. I thought she'd be home tomorrow but they are doing some filming for their Friday assembly item and she had planned all alone to be at school tomorrow. Im staying home tomorrow and Friday so I can find the furniture under the mess that is my life. Im having morning tea here which Im really looking forward to! Sourcing new products is always funs....and she makes a great coffee!

Just finished making recess for the girls tomorrow. Happy Valentines Day!!

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