Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend over!

Busy weekend but not a lot to show for it...usually the way. Bec went and watched a school friend play a League game them went to and party and stayed over. Sarah today went to the Movies with a boy from Primary school that goes to another High School. There was originally a group going but it ended up just being the two of them. Managed to get some video footage of the girls practising on the Long Jump pitch down the road. Renee can walk there and back without too much complaining....the promise of an ice cream at the end is a good bribe (incentive)

Back to work tomorrow, the kids are going to Cheryls while Renee will be at Preschool.. Tuesday is a Public Holiday - ANZAC day and we will probably get cracking with the painting...need to take some before photos first though.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shop till you drop

Took girls shopping to Westpoint. I really hate shopping...honestly! I feel claustrophobic in shopping centres..have felt that way since I was pregnant with Renée lol. I dislike this particular shopping centre so I was doomed from the start! Bec got her sports pants and S couldn't find joggers she wanted so got phone credit. I decided last week to buy the girls a CD Single each for easter and actually bought them today! Timing is everything. Nic got a CD from some guy that was in Idol last year (I think?) and Sarah of course got the Delta single that she sung at the Comm Games. Bec couldn't find one she wanted and opted from some Shampoo? Strange but she was happy. She also bought herself some thongs from one of the surf shops...she is still nervous about using her keycard but manages alright. She has now become intrigued with Flybuys and picked up the flyer to read about it. I thought she would be too young but the guy who served us in Target seemed to think not...maybe he thought she looked older than she is!!
No plans for tomorrow but I would like to wash down some door frames and the window sill in the kitchen ready to paint but Ill have all 4 home tomorrow so prob will be refereeing rather than anything else lol

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just another day

Working daytime during the School hols is such a hassle when there is no family around! Today Bec decided to stay home and Renee was in daycare so took the other 2 up to my SIL for the day. Bec rang me at least 6 times while i was at work lol. Hmmmm while home alone she used the Gas cooker and the Oven. Might have to rethink my plans next week. Not working tomorrow so while Renee is in daycare I can go out with the older girls. Bec needs new sports pants and Sarah needs either Joggers or credit for her phone lol

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back to work!

Easter is over. Back to work. Very busy with both Shaz and Liz on hols. Plenty of phone calls to make...Im pretty much used to it now!

Girls are back from their long weekend with their dad. Back home and fighting already...woohoo, its gonna be a long 2 weeks school hols!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Monday

Not a bad day at all. Up early and off to Penrith. Got a flat tire on the way!! Thankgoodness it was a public holiday or I would have been dealing with it by myself. Thankfully I had my trusty tire changing man with me!!

Went to meet up with Da and watch while he bought a Laptop! Then off to the Plaza where I managed to get 2 pairs of shoes!! Renee wanted a toy but settled for a donut. Wow, if only they were all that easy to please!

Back home again and Brett nearly got the ceiling finished. One more coat of paint. Its amazing how different a white ceiling is to a grey one!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Playing Catch Up

Been a while!!
Where to start.... Carnival season is obviously over! Nic swam at Zone. Her relay swim was spectacular! The School group were on their feet yelling...she was 3rd swimmer and caught the team up from 3rd to equal first...I had tears in my eyes!! They came first in their heat but because the other heat was faster, their school team missed out on the Area Carnival...Im going to get her some training before next years Carnivals!! Sarah swam well at the HS Carnival and went to Zone as breast stroke reserve. So of course, come Zone time, she sat by the pool all day!! A lot of the team was made up of her Primary School mates so she still had a good day.
Nothing much else has been happening really. Nicola has joined the School choir which neither of the others ever did, plus she tried out for Netball (unsuccesful) and is her class Vice SRC rep. She has really jumped in quite well to Primary School life.
Work is good. Im really enjoying this job and I think Ive settled in quite well. Hopefully next year with Renee at school I can work an extra day. Not paying Preschool and Daycare fees next year plus working an extra day we should be able to loosen our belts next year (Only one notch though)!