Sunday, February 17, 2008


Fairly quiet day again. Lovely. Did some stock taking, not my favourite thing. Why oh why did I decide to sell Eyelets hehe. Brett downloaded a 30 day trial upgrade for the website so I get to play a little earlier as I was going to get the upgrade later next month. It has a bulk stock loader, I assume its a bit like turbo lister. Can't wait to use it.

...and 7up? Its an English program that started filming a group of kids from different backgrounds back in 1964 and every 7 years they go back and catch up with the kids. I first saw it back in my 'old life' and saw a few weeks ago that it is now being shown on the BIO channel on foxtel. Over time some of them have dropped out and then are back again so I assume each 7 years they are still approached. Tonights episode they are 42. I found it fascinating!!

Still struggling to work out my Menu for the week.

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