Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Bl&^dy chicken still hadn't defrosted totally but enough that I could cut it up into schnitzel sized pieces. I REALLY need a microwave. We have managed so long without one since the ant invasion and I only missed it for telling the time but with all the cooking Im doing now we realy need the reheat or defrost option!

Busy afternoon with basketball and dancing etc.

...and in other news, Renee announced that she is the vice SRC member for her class. Which means she only needs to go to meetings if the class member is away from school or as she said 'if he just wants to play at lunchtime I will go the meeting' Should be interesting.Bec said she thinks she has training tomorrow night. Last year she had 2 nights a week training so I wouldn't be surprised. I still haven't registered her yet and this club seems a bit unorganised compared to Nic's but at least they have decided to play the girls in a local comp this year rather than having to travel to the other side of Sydney every Sunday. Guarantee her games and Nics will clash. Guarantee. Nic has put her name down on the list to play soccer at school for rep sport. She is a bit obsessed. Soccer and Carlton in AFL.

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Cez said...

People look at me with 5 kids, 4 of which are aged 5 and under, and think I'm some kind of supermum and have no idea how I "do it". Then I look at you, with your children, their sport committments, how busy you are and I think this is how those other people feel looking at me. Because I look at you with that same admiration and amazement that you can handle (or seem to) your hectic lifestyle and yet you are still organised.

If only people saw an insight into my life, that amazement/admiration would soon stop when they realise it's not all rosy on the outside.