Sunday, September 25, 2005

School Hols

Ive booked a little holiday for me and the girls. C is bring her 2 as well. We are booked to do a Whale watching cruise on Wednesday...of course it is currently pouring with rain! Grrrrr

Made good progress with cleaning up my crap in the Garage. Still a lot to do but I can tell the difference already.

This is the before photo

If its still raining in the morning I may keep R home from Preschool. Need to take the other 3 shopping and it would be easier without her but undecided. She was vomiting last night and was very quiet today although still able to fight with N as usual.. lol

Will wait and see.

I got the job at the Accountants and I start Tuesday week....woohoo!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Call Back

The Accountants called and they want me to go for another interview Monday...looks promising

Finished at the Bank last night...had some food, did a tiny bit of work. We have arranged to all go out to dinner next Monday night in Parramatta..should be fun! My retrenchment money was in the account this morning.....Ill just sit and look at it a while before I start moving it around, be a while before that much money is in account again.

Going back in to work one more time this afternoon to sign all the paperwork.

Im nesting today, can't seem to sit still. Done the bedroom including Vacuuming, now doing kitchen...sad!!! Getting a bit side tracked as Billy Connelly is on and old Parkinson episode...Ive seen it at least twice before but the guy is Hilarious no matter how many times you hear the same joke. Renée is being pretty good today. We will nip up to the shops a bit later after we've had lunch.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


You can't choose your family but you can choose your friends! That about sums it up.

Ive chosen well with my in-laws anyhow!

MIL and SIL rang for N's birthday one else! At least she was happy with her gifts and the cake. She wanted a Dolphin...gave me 24 hours notice of I was doing it I thought it looked like a Rabbit but she told me it looked great and thats all that matters!

Had job interview today for Accountants in Penrith. Very nice people, just hope they like me!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spring is here

So, who turned Winter off and Spring on? Quite warm the last few days...not Air Con on full blast warm but the kids were of course fighting over fans...3 bedrooms, 2 fans.....not pretty. The first warm day of the season and I forgot to pick the kids up from school ....oops! A lady had rung at 2.50pm to book a Chocolate Party and we chatted for a while and then 'suddenly' the kids start walking through the front door! Its ok though, I bribed them with Ice Blocks.

Had a BBQ today for S & N's more kids Birthdays for the year..woohoo!! Now I start planning for Christmas..woo ummm... hoo?!!

B & I are getting our tax done tomorrow night..finally. Found a local Accountant this time, and we definately need some Financial Advice lol. Tuesday morning Im meeting with the Preschool teacher to get some advice on wether or not to send Renée to school next year. Im not so sure but B says she should go. Have to wait and see what the teachers say!

Last night at work Wednesday, Retrenchment payout Thursday..woohoo... gee now I can afford to get the afforementioned Air Con fixed!!

I also now need a job! Going to go to Centrelink Monday week and see what, if anything, they can do for me! Do I even qualify for Unemployment benefits...? Do I even want benefits?