Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Presentation Day (Part 2)

Went to the High School for the presentation. R received 2 Certificates, plus a Medal as she came first in the form for Design and Techonology. Plus she got a Spotlight Gift Certificate. Pretty kewl. She has done well this year, big improvement on last year!!

Does this mean Im lazy?

Envy:Very Low

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Presentation Day (Part 1)

Tuesday was the Primary school presentation day and I ended up with an ENORMOUS headache! Lol

Have you ever been so proud you cried? lol R came along cause S was getting an award
and told me not to cry, I told her that when she is a mother she will understand.

Anyhow, S got the Dux award at School!!!!!!!!! Im still in shock even though we had sort of narrowed it down to that one, even her friends were convinced as not many of the other academically bright kids do all the sport S does and our School has always said its an allrounder type award!

There was a photographer at the ceremony who took her photograph and said next week there will be a feature on school presentation days and S's photo will be in the Blacktown Advocate!

I dropped R off at the High School and she was still mumbling…’OMG my sister got Dux!’ roflmao!! (she is secretly proud I know but will never admit it of course!! What is it with sisters???!!!)

R is getting an award on Thursday for D&T which Im not sure what it is exactly but I will know after Thursday.
Considering her shaky start to High School last year Im pleased she is being rewarded as she has really
made an effort this year and is enjoying school…and yes I keep telling her Im pleased and proud. She even
said I am allowed to go the ceremony!!

Please pass the Panadol

Monday, December 05, 2005

High School

Had the High School info night for S. Went pretty much the same as 2 years ago for R. Also managed to get her Uniform and Book pack for next year and got change from $200. S was pretty bored with the whole thing lol I asked her if she is excited about High School and she said nope! She starts Jan 31st and the rest go back on Feb 1 which means R starts Year 9 on her 14th Birthday.

B and R jr went to the dancing on Saturday and had a good time. R jr spotted a lady singing and said 'who is that big fat lady' turns out it is B's ex wife hehehe. R jr didnt know this of course as she is only 4 and thankfully J and L weren't in earshot as it is afterall their mum....anyway still wish Id been there. B and MIL got some great photos of the girls.

The tree is up!!! Had B's family over and all the kids and B decorated the tree while the rest of us sat around eating....seems fair enough to me!!!!!

Ho Ho Ho

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Spiralling out of control

Is that how you spell 'spiralling'...Ive no idea

Anyway, thats life at the moment. Still struggling with day shift rather than evening shift. I used to get a heap more done. Now no one is home during the day and even though Im home after school time Im exhausted. Oh well, Welcome to the real world eh??!!

The choc party season is over thank goodness. Sold most of my stock at the fund raiser on Friday night. What is it with older people and ginger? Will I like ginger when Im in my 70's?? Anyway, no use getting any more stock in now with heat on its way! Im thinking of paying off the rest of my kit and starting fresh next year earning the full percentage commission and really having a proper go of it. Ill reassess at the end of next year whether its worth the trouble.

Keep getting calls from the people that run the stitches and craft shows to see if I want a stall in August 2006 at Rose Hill. Its such a big and expensive step. Ive called C and we will discuss it as I told her I had plans for her in August!!

School only has 3 weeks to go! Woohoo!!! Im gonna cry like a baby on the 19th on S's last day of Primary school. Ill have 2 in High School next year...surely Im too young!!

Im just trying to load up my ebay store with the Eyelets that don't sell very well. Ill keep about 9-10 packs and then sell the rest off in bulk lots then get new stuff in. Brads are selling really well so Ill get more varieties of those I think. Hopefully Ill get it done by the end of the weekend.

Going up the mountains to do a Card Making course on Saturday. Will take N with me, but told S nd R they could stay home if they preferred. B is taking little R to see his older 2 in their dance concert. I would love to go too as we haven't seen them ALL YEAR (stomp stomp!!) but at $25 a ticket we just can't afford it. At least this way R will see her other sisters at least once this year!!!

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