Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Years Eve

I booked works Gold Coast unit again. This time we will be going from Dec 27th to Jan 3rd. Should just be 3 of us as the older girls will be with their dad. I think we mentioned it back in January about wanting to get it for NYE and Bec said she is already planning to be in Sydney with her friends for New Years Eve. Wonder how she will be financing that??
We've decided not to go out for my Birthday on Monday night and instead have a BBQ next weekend on the 9th. Cheaper option!
Chez has said she will be popping in this coming weekend so that will be nice. 12 weeks to go so she should have quite a 'bump' on her now!!

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Cez said...

Spending NYE on the Gold Coast will be awesome!! Make sure you book an extra room for me ok? *hehe*