Saturday, February 02, 2008


Did pretty much nothing today. Warmish outside, so we did nothing inside. Makes sense to me.
Sarah stayed overnight as she was still in a bit of pain from her fall at basketball which I didn't mention previously. Dropped her at her dads after buying yet more exercise books which I, in a moment of weakness/not paying attentioness offered to cover for her. She left me directions to the Winnie the Pooh contact up on her desk. If I run out apparantly I can use the purple contact also up on her desk.
Am back to trying to decided whether or not to do a TAFE course this year. I have this dilemna with myself every few years. There are a few I would like to do which are all computer related. Also a couple of Uni courses too but if I go ahead I will start with the TAFE ones (OTEN which means I can do them from home) and then these act as credits for Uni. Im just worried that if I start this I will just be proving to everyone how stupid I am. Not a lot of self confidence. The ones Im interested in are not too expensive and can be paid in 2 instalments. Also can be done in my own time.

*sigh* Not sure what to do.

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