Sunday, February 24, 2008


Laid back weekend. A lot of sleeping in (mainly by me) a bit of food shopping and thats it. Was quite hot this weekend so Brett did a bit of the lawn but not till later in the evening. Bec did some night driving on Saturday night which she said was scary! Also on Sunday afternoon Brett had her backing up our driveway, those in the know will realise just what a job this is.

I managed to chop my finger with the knife on Saturday night and it is still hurting.

Brett told me that by pouring pepper onto the wound the blood would stop flowing. Has anyone else heard this???? It worked but boy DID IT STING!!! He said I was lucky he didn't use salt. So, does he know what he is talking about or did he just want to hear his wife scream in agony??


Im going to see these guys next month!!


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