Friday, February 15, 2008

Mammogram anyone?

During my net surfing today I came across this ladies description of what it was like to have a Mammogram - complete with pictures!! ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL and as I know from first hand experience (last September and November) its very accurate description. Enjoy!!

In other news......Nic has made it to the Zone swim carnival. I have no idea how. I told her I was surprised as she hadn't had the most succesful swim carnival this year but she just looked I said Congratulations instead. Sarah swims again next Friday and Nic swims again on March 11.

Didn't do much today. Fell asleep on the couch but as my feet were cold it was a very uncomfortable nap. Bec's school hours today were 8am to 11am...never like that in my day. I made Crab Cakes for dinner. I don't like Seafood. They were yummy. I served them up to Bec who said nothing. After she had eaten one I asked if she like them, she said too much corn, then I asked her if she knew what she was eating. A look of panic on her face, then I said Crab. She started gagging. I told her they were crab cakes. She told me she HATES Seafood and didn't eat any more. She looked like she was going to throw up. It was very funny!

Tomorrow she is having dinner with 16 of her closest friends in part 2 of the Birthday celebrations. They are going to Hogsbreath for dinner. I had booked for 16 people and then she said it was 17 so I had to ring back and I told the girl on the phone that Math was not my daughters strong point. Anyway after that they are all off to the movies to see Jumper. Only about 14 of them are going to the movies which is good cause that is the bit we are paying for.

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