Friday, February 22, 2008

One of those days

There is no post for yesterday cause 24 hours later I have no idea what I/we did and its all just a blur. Bec had soccer training and Sarahs team lost their Basketball match. Ummmm..thats about it.

I left home the second time this morning at 8.10 and didnt get back till 5.20. No wonder I fell asleep around 6. Took Bec to School, came back for other 3 girls, dropped off 2 to be taken to school by friend, picked up another 2 teenagers (..cause I don't have enough of my own..) and took the 3 girls to the Zone swimming. Then drove on to do the Vegie shop (for the last time..Im dropping out of the co-op) then once that was all divided up I went back to the pool. Because I still hadn't had enough of swimming pools, after school I took Nic to a different pool for her Zone swim training. Sarah didnt do to badly at Zone. She was 5th overall in Breast stroke, they came 3rd in the 15 yrs relay and she came about 9th overall in freestyle which she wasn't expecting to have to do anyway (girl who qualified has been off sick all week). I love going to the carnivals and cheering on the girls, their friends and just the school in general. Not sure how they went but a lot of the other High Schools go right up to Year 12 and therefore have more swimmers but we only got to Year 10. Had a good chinwag with one her friends mums who I always run into at either Swim Carnivals or Presentation days. Very friendly lady. Her girls are fantastic swimmers too. Much more dedicated than my lot.
It was such a hot day which I didnt really notice until sitting at the pool while Nic did her training. Talked to a few of the parents while sitting in the shade. Nic has some nice friends and it was nice to chat with the mums.
Renee went to a friends house after school and when I went to pick up Nic at school I had to have a quick word with the mother. Her daughter and Renee have been friends since Preschool but the friend is much more boisterous than Renee. Renee wanted to join the choir this year (like last year) but the friend told her not to. Apparantly Renee was also going to join the Junior dance group on Thursday but again, the friend told her not to. Renee didnt actually tell me about the dancing but told Sarah. So anyway I did hesitate to say anything but after the bullying episodes with Sarah when she was in Primary School I wanted to nip it in the bud in case it escalated. I know they are only 6 but our family has been bitten before so to speak. Anyway, the mum was horrified and thanked me for mentioning it. She knows what her daughter is like and was sure that it was because she wanted to play with Renee and also didn't want to give up her lunch times, and I totally agree that is what it probably was. So the time I picker Renee up the mum had spoken to the girls about it and they are now both joining choir and Renee will probably join the dancing. Phew! Glad it ended well. Renee and her friend idolise each other and were thrilled to be in the same class again this year. Somehow we need to teach Renee to stand up for herself a bit more and the other mum said her daughter needs to know she has to let her friends do other things and they will more likely 'come back' to her and no one loses.
This enrichment class of Nic's is certainly testing the kids. She has TWO assignments!!! Yes, she is already stressing about them!

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Cez said...

Blurry days, I know the feeling. I often sit and think "Now what happened today?" and for the life of me can't recall it all.

I have an excuse though - newly graduated from pregnancy brain to now nappy brain :oP