Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not a good day at all

For some reason today was quite stressful. Getting up early is proving hard but Im determined to keep doing it. I find that Im much more organised in the morning if Im up before the girls. Not that Im doing much productive but its not such a rush. Driving Bec to school is definately getting 'old' She is going to have to agree to walk halfway or use the bus pass we applied for and got. She is the first one to ever have a bus pass!
My boss was making coffee and I asked her if I could have something stronger...she said perhaps 10.15am was a little early. We decided we'd make a list of those that were causing us to crave alcohol. Very therapeutic....and there wasn't even an ex spouse on the list!!
I was getting very frustrated with the Office of Fair Trading and with the head d*&$head at CLM. The case worker was on leave and the bimbo doing her job was doing her best impersonation of a banana. The head d*&$head at CLM was not returning calls. Im finding the whole thing soooooo stressful and I just want to cry. Finally reached d*&$head and he said oh yes we refunded you, I said I assumed the returned money was a result of my issueing a dispute with the bank and he said oh no that was me. Then I said 'are you taking my money next week' and he assures me they won't. I do not trust them at all. I will know by Wednesday if I am rid of them. He then had the nerve to say ' I hope we can do business again further down the track'



It was another stinker of a day and I wanted to take my annual first day of school photos which i did but this time indoors. The girls rolled their eyes but by now should know this is one of the few things that I will insist on.

Sarahs basketball started again tonight and I was just in no way feeling up to driving through the shopping traffic and back again so rang ex and asked if he'd kick off the season as we take it in turns. No probs there thank goodness....BUT THEN as if my day wasn't bad enough...we got a phone call just as we were leaving to take Sarah to her dad to say that the game time had been changed and it was now due to start in under half an hour. Who does stupid things like that???? ....and we live a half hour away from the stadium!! Anyway, there wouldn't have been enough time to take her to ex and then for him to drive to game so I dropped everything and we just left. Bec was asleep as obviously 2 days of Year 11 was too much for her lol so I had to leave Nic sort of in charge but Brett was due home soon. We actually passed him 2 streets away from home. Lucky the team one their game.
Managed to get Bec's presents wrapped for tomorrow.
The scheduled meal went out the window tonight as well. Supposed to be burgers but by the time we got back from Basket ball I wasn't going to start Renee had a tuna sandwich, Nic and I had pancakes, Sarah had toast, Bec had fried eggs and Brett grilled himself a cheese sandwich I think.
Bedtime will be soon...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better!!

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