Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Renee had an excursion today to an Aboriginal Cultural Centre. When I picked her up from school this afternoon I asked her how was her day. ' It was boring' 'We threw a boomerang, painted stuff and listened' ' The bus ride was SO much fun, I love bus rides'

The funeral is Friday and they have told the Year 9 and 10 accelerated students to go if they want and if they get permission. Apparantly they are going to have the students do a guard of honour which will be quite emotional. The service will be in a nearby suburb and then followed by a burial service elsewhere but I honestly don't think Sarah needs to go to this. This is really the first death that Sarah has had to deal with. Very sad school community.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our local High School lost a teacher on Monday. Sarah's Accelerated History teacher had a heart attack Monday morning. Most of the kids found out via the MSN grapevine by Monday night. Sarah came downstairs around 9.30pm and started to talk and I asked her if she had been crying and she just broke down. First day back after 2 weeks of School holidays today and the poor kids were greeted by councellors. He was a very popular teacher.
He was only 49!!!!
Bec's school also had a special meeting as the teacher also taught there a couple of times a week with the Year 11 Accelerated class. He was supposed to have Sarah for this subject for Year 9, 10 and then 11. Today she was supposed to have her normal History class and then after school was the accelerated class. After school was cancelled and during school the other Accelerated teacher came to them (he does the Geography half) but Sarah said he was crying and the Headmaster turned up and he was visibly upset. Sarahs stepmum works at the school and she saught out Sarah for a hug which was nice. She would be hurting too from losing a collegue. Thursday night is the first night back for the basketball team and of course, all but 1 are in the History class so goodness knows how they will concentrate.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday - Tonights meal went from Lasagne to Spag Bol to BBQ and chips as the afternoon went on....
Tuesday - Chicken Schnitzel with Salad
Wednesday - Chicken Rissoles with Salad
Thursday - Chicken Stir Fry with Hokkien noodles
Friday - Egg/Beans on toast.
Saturday - no idea
Sunday - Garlic Roast Chicken made by Brett (he doesn't know it yet!)
Not very interesting, but gets us to the next pay day.
Check out Laura for more menu plans...fantastic ideas from all over the world.
Had a call from my Tutor today to say the paperwork had arrived. Had another call from Accounts wanting payment hehe. Hopefully I can put them off till Friday.
Took mother in law to the Airport. Managed to get through the M5 tunnel with out passing out. A lot of silence in the car and deep breathing involved. Its so easy to get to, M7 to M5 and the airport is at the other end. Coming back wasn't too bad. Parking was only $20 and we were there for a couple of hours. Anyway, Sandy and Maz are now flying on their way to Italy. While they are away, I have the Cricut AND the Cuttlebug embosser to play with! Woohoo!
oh and also - ITS A SCHOOL NIGHT!!!! WOOHOOOO!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quiet afternoon. The weather couldn't really make up its mind. No rain, but sunshine, then very windy then cloudy then sunshine again. Got very windy late in the day.
I put together 4 Embellishment packs. Managed to get 3 themed ones out of all my stock plus a Miscellaneous. Got a lot loaded, shelves cleaned off, now just have to get the packs listed.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ebay Queen

Ive been an Ebay listing fool tonight! Got heaps on. Also have cleared the shelves of stuff that just doesn't sell and tomorrow I will be putting together bulk Embellishment packs to Auction. Pointless keeping stuff that just gathers dust. This will provide both $$ and room for the next load of Brads that I have my eye on!
Also had a call from one of the publishers Ive dealt with before wanting to talk about my website and advertising. Im willing to listen but will not be signing up for any long term committment. Can't do anything till the website is up and running. It doesn't function at the moment. That should be fixed by next weekend though.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Anzac Day

Whilst I don't personally have any Ancestors who faught in any Wars for Australia I do understand the significance of the day. Im first generation Aussie on my fathers side, and 2nd on my mothers. My WW1 ancestor Tom was English and faught with the Royal Field Artillery. He was from Lincolnshire and his father and grandfather were Blacksmiths in a village called Sotby. When I found him it was no surprise to see he was with horses. He died on the 4th April 1917 and is buried in France. I know exactly where and one day I will go there.
Sarah has to do an assignment involving placing herself in the position of a Politician, soldier or parent of soldier during WW1. We decided to transplant Tom to the Australian Army and she will use his name and family names etc. Thought that was a nice touch.
Whilst doing some research for Sarah I stumbled accross this fascinating website WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier This blog is made up of transcripts of Harry Lamin's letters from the first World War. The letters will be posted exactly 90 years after they were written. To find out Harry's fate, follow the blog! The Blog is kept by the Grandson of Harry. It took me a few hours to go back and read and Im now up to date. I couldn't find one of those RSS Feed thingys so I just go there each day and hope there is a new post. I have no idea if he survived the war or not. It wouldn't be hard to find out but I think I will just see what happens each day.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

No soccer training tonight or any games due to the wet weather we have been having. Im sure we missed a load last season too due to the rain. Oh well. Not my weekend anyways!
Public Holiday tomorrow for Anzac day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bedside manner

I had my appointment today to get the 'thing' cut off my nose. The anesthetic hurt!! *snif* my eyes were watering. The nurse and my doctor were then discussing 'slicing' and 'knife size' and I called out 'ear plugs' which had them both laughing. I told her that the pills she gave me last week for the gastro thing had worked and she was quite pleased to get feedback. I said well Im not usually here often enough to give feedback. I still haven't had the blasted pap smear which is all I wanted this year!!
Anyway, they got the 'thing' off and have now sent it away to see what it is although my doc is pretty sure its a BCC. Just need to know if it is nasty or not. I have to ring Monday week to get an answer as of course my Doc is going away but she said if it is nasty, I will hear from someone at the Surgery.
Glad that bits over anyway!
Chez rang again tonight. WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG!!! Now her Liver is playing up and giving high readings. Sympton was itching. Now she has Obstetric cholestasis. Baby Gaylord (Ive renamed him from Luuuuke!) will most likely come anytime next week but most probably Tuesday. Chez would like to be able to keep her legs crossed till Thursday (May) but I don't like her chances. She gets monitored every second day now and then on Monday evening will see her Gyno for the Inducing date.
Bec is amused that I have only picked boy names for the baby. I hadn't realised lol but yes, I see her with another boy! She still says she doesn't know and I still tell her I don't believe her. She did admit that she has done the ring test etc etc and it is the same sex each time and also the sex that she thinks she is having, but of course won't give anything away.
Won't be long now!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Took Sarah to work with me today as she was going to the movies with P, a boy from Primary school she has kept in touch with. Told her it would only work if she saw a Movie in Penrith and it had to start before midday! She saw a movie called Prom Night. Not my cup of tea!
The girls had dinner at their dads house as it is his Birthday today.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Still School hols

Back to work today. Girls seem to be coping alright at home. I ring home heaps anyway, mainly to check that someone has remembered to feed Renee. Im still uncomfortable about not being there and feeling guilty as well. They all do their own thing and are quite happy but still...
Next hols Ill probably take the whole time off or at least Brett and I will take turns. The hols after that I have promised the girls a trip to Nelson Bay like we did a few years ago.
Nothing much else going on.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bec's soccer team won 6-0 and Nics lost 6-0. Bec managed to avoid getting wet but Nics team was rained on. I only managed to see about 15 minutes of soccer in 2 3/4 hours worth of game due to driving and dropping off then going back for next child Grrrrrrr!! Next fortnight I will delegate and Brett will have to take a sudden interest in soccer! I think one fortnight Ill watch Bec and then the next Ill watch Nic as I do enjoy watching them play.

Nothing much else done today. Tried to have a nap once Soccer was done but that doesn't happen when there is 4 kids in the house.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where on earth have I been????

Nearly 3 weeks since I last wrote fascinating stuff about my life. What on earth have I been doing?
Busy working I know that much. Its now school hols and Ive managed to snag a day off work in each week. Last Thursday I took Nic and Renee to see High School Musical on Ice. The Acer Arena was packed with girls under 10ish. All singing along to EVERY song lol.
At the beginning of April Bec went and saw Maroon 5 with some friends. She had a great time at her first 'grown up' concert. She got some great photos too. I did worry of course but she is growing up I suppose.
My tummy bug thing that has been going on for months has finally been treated with Antibiotics. Im feeling better but still not perfect. While I was at the Dr's I asked her to freeze off the wart type thing on my nose. She looked at it with a magnifying glass and said no and said I would need to go back next week to get it cut off and she will send it away to be examined. She also mentioned the word cancer and basal cell carcinoma in the same sentence. NICE! (Googled Carcinoma to get correct spelling but couldn't bring myself to click on link) She also told me that the Surgery now has a ph
Chez had a couple of near Hypos with the stupid Diabetes. I remember how scray these are from when I was married to Ex. Chez said she had been waiting for the warning signs as she also remembers from my ex lol. They didnt happen and she found herself zoning out. Some carbs didnt work so straight for the Jelly Beans. Only 5 weeks to go. Im so over this pregnancy!
Brett and I had a weekend with no kids. We went to the Movies and saw Semi Pro. Quite amusing, typical Wil Farrell lol. The next morning we went window shopping. Not really exciting but it was spur of the moment and we could just GO!
Soccer season is back on. So far Becs team has one 2 games. Thats 2 more than last season. She is playing in the Ladies division even thought the average age of her team is around 17. Only problem with winning is they may end up being put up a grade! lol
I'm getting right into the TAFE course. Very interesting and just what I wanted.
I need to keep Blogging cause I can't remember what I do with my time otherwise.