Friday, February 29, 2008


Had a Real Estate guy pop in today to do a informal Valuation. He reckons if we did nothing to out place and tried to sell we might get $440K. If we did the cosmetic stuff it needs like tiling in both bathrooms and general paint and clean up he said around $470K. Brett isn't keen to move but I quite like knowing the value is heading in the upward direction.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Years Eve

I booked works Gold Coast unit again. This time we will be going from Dec 27th to Jan 3rd. Should just be 3 of us as the older girls will be with their dad. I think we mentioned it back in January about wanting to get it for NYE and Bec said she is already planning to be in Sydney with her friends for New Years Eve. Wonder how she will be financing that??
We've decided not to go out for my Birthday on Monday night and instead have a BBQ next weekend on the 9th. Cheaper option!
Chez has said she will be popping in this coming weekend so that will be nice. 12 weeks to go so she should have quite a 'bump' on her now!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Falling Down

Whilst this is a song by Duran Duran it is also what I did around midnight last night. I went back downstairs to hang out some shirts of Becs but I didnt turn on the light as I went down the stairs, there was a couple of things on the stairs and I managed to trip and slide to the bottom. Thankfully my butt is well padded!! Didn't work today as in a bit of pain down my right side, I have a lovely bruise but otherwise Im ok. Thankgoodness our stair case goes around a bend, it would have been scary sliding down the whole lot, only slipped about 8 stairs. Im so annoyed with myself - TURN ON THE LIGHT STUPID!!

Kris emailed me this afternoon - WE HAVE DURAN DURAN TICKETS!!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Can't think of a witty title so Tuesday it is. Realised today I had to be in 3 places at once on Thursday night so Ive delegated. Bec will get a lift home from Soccer training, Sarah will need a lift to and from Basketball and I will take Bec to Soccer training and then stay home with the younget 2. Brett is working late and then going to the launch of something computer related at the Ent Cent in Sydney. Bec has 3 short Soccer games this Sunday also so we need to get her registered before then. Although they are only friendly games she still needs to be registered to be convered by the Insurance.
The Menu plan is changing a tad as there was Savoury mince left over so tomorrow night I will just make the Pastries with the mince instead of the usual chicken. Thursday night will be Pad Thai and so on.

Monday, February 25, 2008


It was only a matter of time before one of my girls started squinting, bumping into things or falling over. Well maybe just squinting! Bad Genetics have now shown themselves in Nicola who today had her eyes tested yet again and THIS time my theory has been proven correct and she will have glasses by the end of the week. She is soooo excited. January 2007 her eyes tested as long sighted but now she is short sighted. Even when reading the letters she was squinting, just to prove it to the Optometrist! I will share a picture once we have them home. Cost of $200, we should get some of that back from our Health Fund so not as stressed as I could have been. A couple of others in her class have Specs so she is not worried in the least. Sarah said they may actually make her look intelligent. Sisterly love...gotta love it!!

Menu Plan Monday

This weeks new recipe is not until Saturday, the first day of Autumn down under. Sounds yummy!

Monday - Sausages and potato bake (already eaten)
Tuesday - Savoury Mince
Wednesday - Pad Thai
Tursday - Lasagne
Friday - Crab cakes (altho no teenagers will be home to freak out like last time)
Sunday - Roast Chicken (hopefully made by husband)
More great recipe ideas can be found here at laura's.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Laid back weekend. A lot of sleeping in (mainly by me) a bit of food shopping and thats it. Was quite hot this weekend so Brett did a bit of the lawn but not till later in the evening. Bec did some night driving on Saturday night which she said was scary! Also on Sunday afternoon Brett had her backing up our driveway, those in the know will realise just what a job this is.

I managed to chop my finger with the knife on Saturday night and it is still hurting.

Brett told me that by pouring pepper onto the wound the blood would stop flowing. Has anyone else heard this???? It worked but boy DID IT STING!!! He said I was lucky he didn't use salt. So, does he know what he is talking about or did he just want to hear his wife scream in agony??


Im going to see these guys next month!!


Friday, February 22, 2008

One of those days

There is no post for yesterday cause 24 hours later I have no idea what I/we did and its all just a blur. Bec had soccer training and Sarahs team lost their Basketball match. Ummmm..thats about it.

I left home the second time this morning at 8.10 and didnt get back till 5.20. No wonder I fell asleep around 6. Took Bec to School, came back for other 3 girls, dropped off 2 to be taken to school by friend, picked up another 2 teenagers (..cause I don't have enough of my own..) and took the 3 girls to the Zone swimming. Then drove on to do the Vegie shop (for the last time..Im dropping out of the co-op) then once that was all divided up I went back to the pool. Because I still hadn't had enough of swimming pools, after school I took Nic to a different pool for her Zone swim training. Sarah didnt do to badly at Zone. She was 5th overall in Breast stroke, they came 3rd in the 15 yrs relay and she came about 9th overall in freestyle which she wasn't expecting to have to do anyway (girl who qualified has been off sick all week). I love going to the carnivals and cheering on the girls, their friends and just the school in general. Not sure how they went but a lot of the other High Schools go right up to Year 12 and therefore have more swimmers but we only got to Year 10. Had a good chinwag with one her friends mums who I always run into at either Swim Carnivals or Presentation days. Very friendly lady. Her girls are fantastic swimmers too. Much more dedicated than my lot.
It was such a hot day which I didnt really notice until sitting at the pool while Nic did her training. Talked to a few of the parents while sitting in the shade. Nic has some nice friends and it was nice to chat with the mums.
Renee went to a friends house after school and when I went to pick up Nic at school I had to have a quick word with the mother. Her daughter and Renee have been friends since Preschool but the friend is much more boisterous than Renee. Renee wanted to join the choir this year (like last year) but the friend told her not to. Apparantly Renee was also going to join the Junior dance group on Thursday but again, the friend told her not to. Renee didnt actually tell me about the dancing but told Sarah. So anyway I did hesitate to say anything but after the bullying episodes with Sarah when she was in Primary School I wanted to nip it in the bud in case it escalated. I know they are only 6 but our family has been bitten before so to speak. Anyway, the mum was horrified and thanked me for mentioning it. She knows what her daughter is like and was sure that it was because she wanted to play with Renee and also didn't want to give up her lunch times, and I totally agree that is what it probably was. So the time I picker Renee up the mum had spoken to the girls about it and they are now both joining choir and Renee will probably join the dancing. Phew! Glad it ended well. Renee and her friend idolise each other and were thrilled to be in the same class again this year. Somehow we need to teach Renee to stand up for herself a bit more and the other mum said her daughter needs to know she has to let her friends do other things and they will more likely 'come back' to her and no one loses.
This enrichment class of Nic's is certainly testing the kids. She has TWO assignments!!! Yes, she is already stressing about them!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Bl&^dy chicken still hadn't defrosted totally but enough that I could cut it up into schnitzel sized pieces. I REALLY need a microwave. We have managed so long without one since the ant invasion and I only missed it for telling the time but with all the cooking Im doing now we realy need the reheat or defrost option!

Busy afternoon with basketball and dancing etc.

...and in other news, Renee announced that she is the vice SRC member for her class. Which means she only needs to go to meetings if the class member is away from school or as she said 'if he just wants to play at lunchtime I will go the meeting' Should be interesting.Bec said she thinks she has training tomorrow night. Last year she had 2 nights a week training so I wouldn't be surprised. I still haven't registered her yet and this club seems a bit unorganised compared to Nic's but at least they have decided to play the girls in a local comp this year rather than having to travel to the other side of Sydney every Sunday. Guarantee her games and Nics will clash. Guarantee. Nic has put her name down on the list to play soccer at school for rep sport. She is a bit obsessed. Soccer and Carlton in AFL.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I had to apologise to Nic for doubting her abilities. She told me she was in a class made up of top year 4 and 5 from last year and I thought she was mistaken. Even when a couple of her good friends weren't in the class I still had doubts. I went to the info night at the school and sure enough, they have created a special enrichment year 5/6 composite class...and she is in it. Lots of testing and previous results and such is how they chose the kids. The teacher is one that both Bec and Sarah had along the way and Im quite pleased with the whole thing. I guess Nic has just been carrying on her merry way getting to the same place that Sarah and Bec were but without us noticing. This year is Basic Skills for Year 5 so Im looking forward to seeing how she performs. Not until August though.

Had to swap the meal plan around as the chicken didn't defrost. Had the Spaghetti and Tuna instead. Sarah of course reheated some Spag Bol from last night. I had a boiled egg last night. While I was cooking the mince I just went off the whole idea of eating it. Brett was amused that I would cook the family a meal and not eat it myself...highly suspiscious he reckons. They all said it was yummy so its not as if I cooked them a bad meal!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Busy week
Monday - Spaghetti Bolognaise
Tuesday - FEC Chicken
Wednesday - Tuna Spaghetti. My feet don't touch the ground on Wednesday after school and this meal is perfect as it takes about 3 minutes prep.
Thursday - Sausages and Potato Bake
Friday - Tarragon Chicken Meatloaf
My meals seem to be the same each week and look quite boring....I really need to have something new each week. Last weeks crab cakes were yummy. Check out Fridays Blog Entry for my teenage daughters reaction. More great meal ideas over at Laura's!!

Imagine your teenage daughter going for a quick practise drive with your husband, just around the streets in your suburb. 15 minutes later you hear both police sirens and ambulance sirens. VERY disconcerting. Obviously, it wasn't my guys but still......

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Fairly quiet day again. Lovely. Did some stock taking, not my favourite thing. Why oh why did I decide to sell Eyelets hehe. Brett downloaded a 30 day trial upgrade for the website so I get to play a little earlier as I was going to get the upgrade later next month. It has a bulk stock loader, I assume its a bit like turbo lister. Can't wait to use it.

...and 7up? Its an English program that started filming a group of kids from different backgrounds back in 1964 and every 7 years they go back and catch up with the kids. I first saw it back in my 'old life' and saw a few weeks ago that it is now being shown on the BIO channel on foxtel. Over time some of them have dropped out and then are back again so I assume each 7 years they are still approached. Tonights episode they are 42. I found it fascinating!!

Still struggling to work out my Menu for the week.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weekend 1

Got loads of housework done. Very exciting. Im happy cause this means I can do the ebay/shop stuff without feeling guilty. Bec had her dinner with friends tonight and it went well. They saw the movie but were in the front row at the cinema so all seem to have sore necks. Not as many went to the movie so not as expensive as I thought it would be.
Brett cooked Roast Chicken for dinner. Very tasty! (Brett AND the chicken yes!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mammogram anyone?

During my net surfing today I came across this ladies description of what it was like to have a Mammogram - complete with pictures!! ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL and as I know from first hand experience (last September and November) its very accurate description. Enjoy!!

In other news......Nic has made it to the Zone swim carnival. I have no idea how. I told her I was surprised as she hadn't had the most succesful swim carnival this year but she just looked I said Congratulations instead. Sarah swims again next Friday and Nic swims again on March 11.

Didn't do much today. Fell asleep on the couch but as my feet were cold it was a very uncomfortable nap. Bec's school hours today were 8am to 11am...never like that in my day. I made Crab Cakes for dinner. I don't like Seafood. They were yummy. I served them up to Bec who said nothing. After she had eaten one I asked if she like them, she said too much corn, then I asked her if she knew what she was eating. A look of panic on her face, then I said Crab. She started gagging. I told her they were crab cakes. She told me she HATES Seafood and didn't eat any more. She looked like she was going to throw up. It was very funny!

Tomorrow she is having dinner with 16 of her closest friends in part 2 of the Birthday celebrations. They are going to Hogsbreath for dinner. I had booked for 16 people and then she said it was 17 so I had to ring back and I told the girl on the phone that Math was not my daughters strong point. Anyway after that they are all off to the movies to see Jumper. Only about 14 of them are going to the movies which is good cause that is the bit we are paying for.

Obviously the husband of a crafty lady!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Not a busy day at all. Had morning tea with Annie and checked out her stock. Ill have to go shopping over there around the end of March (when I next have some $$)
The girls loved their cakes for recess and Brett and I had one each last night before I hid them till I made the lunches this morning.
Sarah has made it to the Zone swimming. The carnival is next Friday and once again I will miss it due to the Vegie shop. Twice in a month I do the shop and not again until around July and I miss out on 2 swim carnivals...grrrrrr!
Another day at home by myself tomorrow...woohoo...need to do some housework so I can do some ebaying/shop updates on the weekend...woo..hoo?
Payday tomorrow but AGAIN Bretts work stuffed up his pay and didnt process the 'rise' bit of payrise. Not the first time either. When I got back from Basketball this evening (they won again!) he said 'do you want the bad news, or the bad news?'
Managed to get dads old camera loaded with was quite amusing to watch Bec trying to figure out loading a camera with film. Not something she had ever done. It got stuck and the camera wouldn't wind on but Brett fixed it when he got home so Bec can have another play with it tomorrow. No flash at this stage so only daytime shots for the moment.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I no longer like Wednesdays

OMGoodness! Im exhausted. Pick up from School, take 1 back for dancing, go pick up 1 from basketball, take her friend home then go home, pick up one from dancing, take 2 to ex's house...drivingdrivingdriving...Then I had to cook dinner!!!

This will be my life EVERY DARN WEDNESDAY!! Its not even as if this is just a seasonal thing. Dancing and Basketball is all year round. These kids better look after us in our old age!! I may start making my list of demands now!

Nic did end up coming to work as she was all sniffly and had a sore throat. I thought she'd be home tomorrow but they are doing some filming for their Friday assembly item and she had planned all alone to be at school tomorrow. Im staying home tomorrow and Friday so I can find the furniture under the mess that is my life. Im having morning tea here which Im really looking forward to! Sourcing new products is always funs....and she makes a great coffee!

Just finished making recess for the girls tomorrow. Happy Valentines Day!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Quite day. No soccer training after all as the grounds are closed due to all the bad weather we have been having.
Hoping Nic can hold out another day before needing time off school with her cold. I need to work at least 3 days this week otherwise payday will be very sad indeed.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Soccer season has begun with the commencement of Bec's training this Tuesday night. I don't think games begin until after Easter (seems a bit far away so Ill check) but the schedule hots up as they all start training. Its hard to work out dinner plans at this time of year, altho this is only my second Winter season with all 4 girls in a sport.
Mondays are free (waaahey!) Tuesday is Soccer training, Wednesday is Basketball training and Dance class, Thursday is Soccer training x 2, Basketball game x 1. See, I have to be in 3 places at once because OF COURSE the 2 soccer players play for different clubs!!!

Anyway, here we go for this week! New recipe is on Friday. I have NEVER cooked seafood before except fish. Im not a seafood eater except fish. The things I do for my husband.

Monday - Tuna Spaghetti (now obviously eaten)
Tuesday - Cajun chicken. Very successful the other week.
Wednesday - Sausages/Chops and Potato bake
Thursday - Chicken parcels. What a romantic Valentines meal (maybe I should make them heart shaped)
Friday - Crab and corn cakes topped with guacamole. plus mashed potato. Im not sure if its actually Avocado season down here so it may end up having some kind of salsa instead of guacamole
Saturday - Roast Chicken and all the trimmings.
Sunday - No idea.
Had a call from my brother who said 'Im at the cemetary with Margaret (his motherinlaw) she has a funeral to go to, where's dad? Yes, dad has been gone for 18 years this September and my brother had yet to visit. He pinpointed his location in the cemetary and after 15 minutes I managed to direct him to where our dad is buried.

I will be back later with my Menu Monday contribution.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well apparantly I underestimated Nicola's abilities and she IS in the smarty pants class this year. The composite class of year 5 and 6's is a special enrichment class which takes the top from last years year 4 & 5's. Im so used to the high achieving Sarah that I was totally blown away by Nicola. I even apologised to her for doubting her when she originally told me!! The info night at the school was very interesting.

Bec had her first soccer training of the year tonight. Seemed to go well, Im sure she is fitter this time than when she first trained last season. Nic is all registered but haven't heard when training is yet.

Chez called to tell me L has made the zone swimming her first year into competing at school level...woohoo!! Pity we don't live closer and could go and watch each others kids lol


Not a lot going on. Went to the Library to return the boring books I borrowed 3 weeks ago. Actually it was 4 weeks ago as the Librarian kindly informed me with a shocked look on her face that my books were due back on February 1st! O M G !!! My books were a week late!!! Then I had the nerve to ask if I could reborrow 2 of them as Nic and I hadn't finished reading them. I borrowed 4 books last time and only 1 of them was any good and I borrowed it by mistake in the first place. Non fiction book called 'Irish' I thought I should get a little background info on the Irish ancestors. Turns out it was more a history of the Irish in Scotland lol. Still quite interesting. I read it when Im in the smallest room in the house if you know what I mean. Told you there wasn't a lot going on!!

Actually, Brett took Bec out for her first drive. They were gone 2 hours!! She went quite well apparantly. She enjoyed it and Brett has no grey hairs nor the sudden need for alcohol so all is good.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Friday, February 08, 2008

Be afraid....

Bec passed her Learners Test this afternoon. She now has to drive 120 hours in all kinds of conditions before she can sit her driving test. The 120 hours needs to be done in the next 3 years I believe. She can do them sooner but she can't do the driving exam before 12 months from today. Does that make sense? other news.....Sarah came home from swim carnival and in a very dissapointed voice announced she had come second in the Breast stroke and now would be forced to compete at whatever the next carnival was! (I believe its Zone) She was only swimming today because all her friends were and did last year (when she didn't) I guess she forgot how good she could be. Imagine if she had trained!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Spent today at Nic's swimming carnival. She didn't do as well as she normally would. Not sure what the problem was. The girls don't do much training and have always just been talented with the swimming. We have previously been to the pool leading up to carnivals for some practise but thats all. We didnt really get a chance to do that this year. She is quite happy within herself though and doesn't seem at all concerned she won't go on to Zone this year. It got quite warm here today but then just as the carnival was ending, the clouds started darkening and then late afternoon we had yet another storm.

Took Sarah shopping as she needs a swimsuit for tomorrow. Deciding at the last minute to compete, then realising she only had a bikini.

Sarahs team one at Basketball again, second week in a row...woohoo!!

For those with teenagers....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Stayed home. It was quite warm early on but we had yet another massive storm starting around 6pm. We have had no damage from the last 3 storms and Im sure we are gonna be hit eventually. Touch wood it won't get us but it keeps hitting neighbouring suburbs so its not far.
I slept most of the morning then cleaned up the kitchen as my family kindly saved the mess for me after my time away. Sweet aren't they.
Renee went to her first dance class. She did 45 mins of Jazz and then 45 minutes of Ballet. She really needs to pick one as I can't see how we can afford both. Might have to try as she keeps changing her mind as to which was more fun.
Still raining outside and tomorrow Nics swim carnival..grrrrr. Guess Ill be standing under an umbrella with a stopwatch. I haven't helped out for the last few years so figured it was about time. Nic said the only thing they will stop the carnival going ahead is if there is lightening. There was plenty of that tonight, not sure what is predicted tomorrow so I will check.
Should be a fun day!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feb 4-5 What a Waste

Got kids off to school Monday and left Brett a list on what to do when etc with the kids. Got picked up around 12 and headed off to Terrigal for the annual staff conference. Absolutely shocking weather on the drive, also shitty weather at Terrigal. The beach up there is so beautiful usually but not really when its torrential rain. No after dinner walk on the beach this time.
We had lunch at the life saving club, our group of 5 plus a couple of others were the only ones on time. Why people can't time keep properly I will never understand. We then had to move on to a sports centre and play games. Team building I believe its called.
The 'waste of time' part of the conference for me was waking up this morning feeling like death! Quite nauseas straight away which I thought was cause I only had about 5 hours sleep but after breakfast I was feeling dizzy and very ill. I went back to our room and missed the first session of the business end of the conference and called Brett who came and picked me up. He actually drove over and hour each way to come and pick me up. He's a keeper lol. Anyway, while I did have a few drinks with dinner and afterwards Im positive that was not the cause of my being sick. I was struggling to get through dinner as it was. Anyway, its Tuesday night, Im still feeling icky and Im not sure if Im going to work tomorrow, Ill decide in the morning.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Did the same as yesterday

a big fat NUFFIN
Well, did some food shopping. Had garlic bread and diet coke for dinner. That kind of day.
The weather is shite and I think we may soon need to build an ark.
.....In other news....Bec is sitting her Learners exam at 1.30pm on Friday. Cross your fingers she passes as its $35 each attempt!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Did pretty much nothing today. Warmish outside, so we did nothing inside. Makes sense to me.
Sarah stayed overnight as she was still in a bit of pain from her fall at basketball which I didn't mention previously. Dropped her at her dads after buying yet more exercise books which I, in a moment of weakness/not paying attentioness offered to cover for her. She left me directions to the Winnie the Pooh contact up on her desk. If I run out apparantly I can use the purple contact also up on her desk.
Am back to trying to decided whether or not to do a TAFE course this year. I have this dilemna with myself every few years. There are a few I would like to do which are all computer related. Also a couple of Uni courses too but if I go ahead I will start with the TAFE ones (OTEN which means I can do them from home) and then these act as credits for Uni. Im just worried that if I start this I will just be proving to everyone how stupid I am. Not a lot of self confidence. The ones Im interested in are not too expensive and can be paid in 2 instalments. Also can be done in my own time.

*sigh* Not sure what to do.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Sweet 16

Bec is 16 today!!! Woohoo. Now apparantly she can apply for her learners permit. Thats all she talks about!! She will probably do the test sometime next week.
She loved her pressies, I had to wake Nic and Renee up as Bec had to leave at 7.40. My brother who has not managed to remember any of my girls birthdays for YEARS rang at 8.10 to speak with her, had to tell him that she starts school at 8! Told him that he did however get browny points for ringing! He said he would send her a text message, which he did and Bec was impressed.

Picked up a Chocolate Mud Cake on the way home and we sang happy birthday when the girls were all home from school.
Nic and Renee have finally got their proper classes. Renee is happy to really be Year 1. Im not familiar with Renees teacher but both Bec and Sarah had the teacher Nic has this year and Im quite happy with that.
Nic has her swim carnival next Thursday and Sarah's is next Friday. Sarah is actually swimming this year so Im keen to get there but I have to do the Vegie Co-op shop but hopefully Ill have time to see her swim.
Girls are with their dad this weekend so hopefully we can have a very quiet weekend. Brett is going to pick up his mums exercise bike so maybe we can start doing a bit of exercise.
I need to do a bit of menu planning this weekend and sort out what everyone will be eating while Im away at Conference.