Saturday, December 06, 2008

Been a while....

Renees party was a tip, hire someone else to entertain!! This company was just a good as 4 years ago for Nicola's birthday.

Sarah has turned 15 and Nicola has turned 11 - and got the Camera she has been asking for.
Currently in the throes of Christmas. Im about 3/4 the way through with the shopping and hopefully the tree will go up this weekend.
Renee has completed dancing for the year and had a concert a couple of weeks ago.
Tomorrow is the presentation day for that at a local Irish pub. Bizarre venue choice but apparantly that is where it is each year.
Bec has finally got a casual job and is earning money...woo! TAFE has finished for the year. We are spending New Years down in Huskisson on the beach and then will finish of the holidays with a week in Melbourn attending a friends 40th! All the kids are coming with us and are excited!
Im enjoying Facebook - its very good for finding old school friends. Some I shouldn't have lost touch with in the first place. Life gets in the way I suppose.
I need to keep this blog going for my own sanity...good luck to me!