Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well apparantly I underestimated Nicola's abilities and she IS in the smarty pants class this year. The composite class of year 5 and 6's is a special enrichment class which takes the top from last years year 4 & 5's. Im so used to the high achieving Sarah that I was totally blown away by Nicola. I even apologised to her for doubting her when she originally told me!! The info night at the school was very interesting.

Bec had her first soccer training of the year tonight. Seemed to go well, Im sure she is fitter this time than when she first trained last season. Nic is all registered but haven't heard when training is yet.

Chez called to tell me L has made the zone swimming her first year into competing at school level...woohoo!! Pity we don't live closer and could go and watch each others kids lol

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