Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Not a busy day at all. Had morning tea with Annie and checked out her stock. Ill have to go shopping over there around the end of March (when I next have some $$)
The girls loved their cakes for recess and Brett and I had one each last night before I hid them till I made the lunches this morning.
Sarah has made it to the Zone swimming. The carnival is next Friday and once again I will miss it due to the Vegie shop. Twice in a month I do the shop and not again until around July and I miss out on 2 swim carnivals...grrrrrr!
Another day at home by myself tomorrow...woohoo...need to do some housework so I can do some ebaying/shop updates on the weekend...woo..hoo?
Payday tomorrow but AGAIN Bretts work stuffed up his pay and didnt process the 'rise' bit of payrise. Not the first time either. When I got back from Basketball this evening (they won again!) he said 'do you want the bad news, or the bad news?'
Managed to get dads old camera loaded with was quite amusing to watch Bec trying to figure out loading a camera with film. Not something she had ever done. It got stuck and the camera wouldn't wind on but Brett fixed it when he got home so Bec can have another play with it tomorrow. No flash at this stage so only daytime shots for the moment.

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