Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Stayed home. It was quite warm early on but we had yet another massive storm starting around 6pm. We have had no damage from the last 3 storms and Im sure we are gonna be hit eventually. Touch wood it won't get us but it keeps hitting neighbouring suburbs so its not far.
I slept most of the morning then cleaned up the kitchen as my family kindly saved the mess for me after my time away. Sweet aren't they.
Renee went to her first dance class. She did 45 mins of Jazz and then 45 minutes of Ballet. She really needs to pick one as I can't see how we can afford both. Might have to try as she keeps changing her mind as to which was more fun.
Still raining outside and tomorrow Nics swim carnival..grrrrr. Guess Ill be standing under an umbrella with a stopwatch. I haven't helped out for the last few years so figured it was about time. Nic said the only thing they will stop the carnival going ahead is if there is lightening. There was plenty of that tonight, not sure what is predicted tomorrow so I will check.
Should be a fun day!!!

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