Sunday, February 10, 2008


Not a lot going on. Went to the Library to return the boring books I borrowed 3 weeks ago. Actually it was 4 weeks ago as the Librarian kindly informed me with a shocked look on her face that my books were due back on February 1st! O M G !!! My books were a week late!!! Then I had the nerve to ask if I could reborrow 2 of them as Nic and I hadn't finished reading them. I borrowed 4 books last time and only 1 of them was any good and I borrowed it by mistake in the first place. Non fiction book called 'Irish' I thought I should get a little background info on the Irish ancestors. Turns out it was more a history of the Irish in Scotland lol. Still quite interesting. I read it when Im in the smallest room in the house if you know what I mean. Told you there wasn't a lot going on!!

Actually, Brett took Bec out for her first drive. They were gone 2 hours!! She went quite well apparantly. She enjoyed it and Brett has no grey hairs nor the sudden need for alcohol so all is good.

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