Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I had to apologise to Nic for doubting her abilities. She told me she was in a class made up of top year 4 and 5 from last year and I thought she was mistaken. Even when a couple of her good friends weren't in the class I still had doubts. I went to the info night at the school and sure enough, they have created a special enrichment year 5/6 composite class...and she is in it. Lots of testing and previous results and such is how they chose the kids. The teacher is one that both Bec and Sarah had along the way and Im quite pleased with the whole thing. I guess Nic has just been carrying on her merry way getting to the same place that Sarah and Bec were but without us noticing. This year is Basic Skills for Year 5 so Im looking forward to seeing how she performs. Not until August though.

Had to swap the meal plan around as the chicken didn't defrost. Had the Spaghetti and Tuna instead. Sarah of course reheated some Spag Bol from last night. I had a boiled egg last night. While I was cooking the mince I just went off the whole idea of eating it. Brett was amused that I would cook the family a meal and not eat it myself...highly suspiscious he reckons. They all said it was yummy so its not as if I cooked them a bad meal!!!

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