Thursday, February 07, 2008


Spent today at Nic's swimming carnival. She didn't do as well as she normally would. Not sure what the problem was. The girls don't do much training and have always just been talented with the swimming. We have previously been to the pool leading up to carnivals for some practise but thats all. We didnt really get a chance to do that this year. She is quite happy within herself though and doesn't seem at all concerned she won't go on to Zone this year. It got quite warm here today but then just as the carnival was ending, the clouds started darkening and then late afternoon we had yet another storm.

Took Sarah shopping as she needs a swimsuit for tomorrow. Deciding at the last minute to compete, then realising she only had a bikini.

Sarahs team one at Basketball again, second week in a row...woohoo!!

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