Monday, March 31, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Egg and Bacon. Wow, I have a wonderful imagination. (Older kids are happy with this, younger kids had 3 minute noodles)
Tuesday - Chicken mince rissoles with baked vegies
Wednesday - Chicken caesar salad
Thursday - Mince pastries
Friday - German Farmers Breakfast which I found here (thanks Connie) It sounds yummy and a nice quick meal to finish the working week with. A few tiny alterations to fit our lifestyle but can't wait to try it.
Saturday - Home made Pizza. (Full house this weekend and kids love making these.)
Sunday - Parmesan Dijon Chicken which I found here (thanks Julia)

That makes 2 new recipes this week. Should be fun.
Don't forget to visit Laura for hundreds of Menu plan ideas.

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Cez said...

Yum! I think you should start cooking for me!