Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nic's zone carnival was on today @ Blacktown pool. She had 2 swims, 50 Freestyle plus the relay. I was gobsmacked because she actually outdid Bec and Sarah in swimming. All the girls have made it to Zone each year no problem but have never placed in heats or anything at Zone and the journey ends. Nics journey has ended for this season but not before she stormed to the front in her 50m free heat and won! I nearly cried lol. She was in the first (slowest) of 3 heats and didn't make it to the final which surprised me. One of our teachers was officiating and so I asked him to check for me how far off she was. Apparently she was 5 seconds slower than position 8 (slowest finalist) in the Final. Those other 2 heats were fast lol. She swam 47.55 seconds which is her fastest by about 3 seconds. I enjoy swimming carnivals even cheering on the other kids from the school and watching Nic and her friends swim. She had about 5 of her buddies there today so it was good fun. Renee has still got NO interest in swimming. I'm heartbroken *snif* *snif*.

I received the TAFE paperwork today in the mail. I will be studying Certificate IV in Information Technology (Website Design) just as soon as I find the $$. I don't quite understand the fee structure for TAFE. This will either cost me $890 or $445. I will ring the IT guy again tomorrow I think.

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Cez said...

Again, congratulations to Nic. Amazing effort on her part to beat her own personal best! Good luck with the TAFE course!! I'd have better luck doing that than my subjects right now *hah*