Monday, March 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

No new recipes this week. Im way to tired to be that clever!

Monday - Chicken Rissoles and mash
Tuesday - Cajun Chicken
Wednesday - Homemade Hamburgers
Thursday - Chicken Pastries
Friday - Crab and corn cakes
Saturday - Lasagne
Sunday - Garlic Roast Chicken (made by hubby)
More great recipe ideas can be found here at laura's.


Renee's Reading Corner said...

Your menu plan sounds great! Have a wonderful week.


Cez said...

Yum! I'm eating at your house this week! Yes I did get a little study done yesterday but it was more catch up from last week. I'm yet to start THIS week!! The joys of having kids who decide to get sick all at once!!

emzed said...

You are so organized. I come home from work at 6:10 and the first thing Geoff says as I'm walking though the door is, "What do you want for dinner?" I long for some sort of schedule. Maybe I'll try to work it in to our lives.