Monday, March 24, 2008

Hannah Who

Felt REALLY sick this morning. I can definately not eat Chocolate at the moment. Im down to dry toast and rice cakes with vegemite. Grrrrr. If I don't lose weight cause of this bug I will be very angry.
Managed to drag myself to the movies at Penrith to see Hannah Montana 3D Movie with Nic and Renee. I must admit it was quite entertaining. The girls loved it. Afterwards cause I was in a good mood we went into Target and bought them a Hannah CD. I didnt realise they didnt have any of her CD's lol.
Chez and family popped in. She is now following her diabetic diet. She left me a copy of the foods and measurements seeing as how Im off practically everything but air! She also gave me a map of where the Hospital is and where to park etc for when I get the call!
Sarah made her Chicken stir fry for dinner tonight but with less Chillie. It was yummy, and because the vegies were cooked and not raw and it was chicken, I ate a bowl full. Makes a change from rice cakes.

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