Monday, March 24, 2008

Menu Monday

Better late than never!

I will be cooking but not eating much of the following due to reasons previously mentioned!

Monday - Chicken Stir Fry (Cooked by teenager daughter woohoo!)

Tuesday - Spag Bol

Wednesday - Chicken rissoles and potato

Thursday - Chicken Tarragon Meatloaf with cooked vegies (cause I can't have raw veg) Mmm I have a craving for Spinach.

Friday - Toasted sandwiches. Probably chicken or ham. Just 3 of us on Friday nights.

Saturday - Chicken wraps. Coat chicken in herb and garlic mix and sautee. Yummo!

Sunday - Vegetable Lasagne (not that I have a recipe yet lol)

I badly need some more family friendly meals. We eat a lot of chicken and mince. I don't cook much red meat cause Im not a big fan although I know the kids and hubby do like it. Im the only fish eater lol

Check out what others are eating over at Lauras.


Jenn said...

Have a yummy and blessed week!

Sonshine said...

Looks yummy, esp. those chicken wraps!

Canadian Saver said...

Must be hard cooking for different tastes... I just cook for 2 (my sis and I) and I make what I like most of the time... she eats it pretty much without complaining though!!

Your menu looks great!