Thursday, March 13, 2008


More of the same as yesterday at work. Ive already decided I need to work tomorrow as well. Brett asked if we got a pay increase as well as the new jobs, I said well yes in a way cause now I need to work more than 3 days a week to catch up on the back log hehe.
We had a farewell lunch today at the Regatta Kitchen and Bar. I had Chicken Caesar Salad. Yummo!! Actually didnt have to rush off as I normally would have to leave work around 2.20pm. I remembered Brett was going to work from home this afternoon so rang him and he was able to pick up the kids. I got home around 4pm..woohoo!
I managed to get tickets to tomorrow nights Sydney Kings game. Not great seats but not horrible either. The first ones the system offered me were behind one of the baskets so I knocked them back and tried again. $20 each, not bad. Should be a fantastic atmosphere.
Bec and Nic are at Soccer. I dropped Nic off then got petrol ($1.46/litre) then came back for Bec. We planned that Brett would then go pick up Nic, get hot chips for dinner (No, not on the menu plan I know!) and I would fetch Bec (further away) and we'd meet back here eventually for dinner. What is actually happening - We got to soccer and Bec realised she had forgotten her boots!!! I came back here to fetch them, we changed the plan and Brett took them back to her then will fetch Nic then get chips* and I will get Bec etc etc etc. I just went out to move my car for Brett to get out in the other one and just sat there looking blankly out the window...Brett called over to me and I just looked at him and said 'What on earth am I doing?'
I am both tired and confused**.
*When I got home, Brett and Nic weren't there with the chips. Apparantly soccer training goes till 7.30pm starting tonight and of course they didn't tell anyone!!! Brett had to hang around for 30 minutes..
**Bec told me that from next week her soccer will only be Tuesdays, altho 6.30 to 8pm. Once the season starts (first weekend of April) Nics training will only be on Thursdays 6 to 7.30pm so only one soccer girl per night! PHEW!!

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