Sunday, March 02, 2008

Birthday Eve

Most of the morning was spent with Renee saying 'are they here yet?'
Brett has been working since early this morning and is also very soon going to cough up a lung Im sure. Coming down with the flu but still had to work. At least he can do it from home.
Chez & Co arrived early afternoon complete with Birthday cake and candles. She thinks of everything!!! White Mud Cake!! Hmmmm....guess she knows me pretty well. Brett stopped long enough for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to moi.
Chez recognised the course at TAFE Im interested in and said there was actually a 4th one which she was sure was more to do with Web Design and sure enough there was. I had only looked at the OTEN site as I wanted to do it from home but on the general site. It is available at a TAFE near me via 'Flexible Delivery - This attendance allows for learning and assessment in a variety of modes. This may include on campus, off campus, distance learning, online learning and combinations of any of these' so I will be calling them this week so investigate. Maybe I can get started in Semester 2 (more likely to have the money then to pay!!)

Whilst we were looking through the TAFE site my favourite God Son pointed to the 'Over 45' label in Menu and said 'Aren't you guys lucky you don't have to look there yet'!!
Hmmmm ....did I say Favourite????

Don't forget Oh Godson, Your mum is not the only one who has embarassing photos of you!!!

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Cez said...

I hope you had a great birthday Ann!