Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ta Da!!

Picked up Nics glasses this afternoon. The Optometrist was amused with Nic as she put them on and was sooo excited when she looked across the road and could read a sign!! Over 4 lanes of traffic. She was absolutely amazed at the difference. Believe it or not I'm only $50 out of pocket (thanks to private health insurance) and soon I will be only $25 out of pocket when ex pays for half lol. It does help that Ive been going to the same Eye guy since I was about 19.
I'm hoping this will be a boost to her confidence as she was pretty down the other day with the pressure of her School work. I'm sure the fact that she can't see clearly wouldn't have been helping.

Menu Plan Monday - I'm disappointed not to be doing this for this week but money problems at the beginning of the Month shot it down in flames. Can't plan food when you don't know when or if the money will turn up. Im still cooking meals and not resorting to takeaway so Im happy. The expected monthly payment arrived today, 4 days late, but the Centrelink money is still in hiding! Grrrr!!

I let Bec drive to Soccer training tonight, one suburb over. She definitely needs to brake a bit further back when approaching a Red light!! I found myself at least twice trying to brake from the passenger side - it doesn't work!! hehehe. One interesting thing though - she headed out to the car with her soccer boots in her hand and I said you will have to put shoes on before you drive. Well then she said she drove on Sunday from her Soccer game back to dads without shoes!!!!! When I picked her up I told her I had double checked and its against the law the drive without shoes even when you are no longer on P's. I told her not to break any laws while she was on her L's. I sware sometimes my ex husband leaves me speechless!!!

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Cez said...

Nic's glasses look lovely! I really like them and they suit her face. Thank god you had PHI! Rob had to buy new glasses a couple of weeks ago because Ethan snapped the arm off one (super strong boy I have :oP). Luckily for us the optometrist was having a 2-4-1 special and he was able to get a nicer pair for 'going out' and a great pair with transition lenses 'for work'. Out of pocket $99.50!!! Withough PHI it would've been a lot more!!