Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What else is there....?

I had my appointment this morning. I felt ill when I got there. Nerves were a big part of it I know. Anyway I explained that I was there for the Pap but I had other icky issues and she really didnt think I should have the test as any other ailments would interfere with the accuracy. Once she said this I burst into tears. Pretty daft thing to do really. She took my temp and apparantly I have a fever. I also have a Gastro bug type thing starting with 'M' and she was quite surprised I was still going to work. Also talked about the dizzy/fainting feeling Ive been having again and I reminded her that one of her previous suggestions was Panic attacks. I described what happened last Friday and then again at work Monday and she said that its not usual for a Panic attack to happen because you are worried about something. They tend to build up and just happen out of the blue. (That is my understanding of what she said.) She has lent me a book about Panic Attacks and wants me to have a read and see if it relates at all to what happens to me. Some cosy Easter reading lol. Anyway, regarding the Gastro - I have to cut out Milk and Dairy, Red meat, Raw Vegies and Fruit!. Ummm.......which leaves me with.....?
I rang work and told them what is going on and that I was not going to work tomorrow. No problems there of course. I did get told that we have been asked to help out on yet another job for the other department. In particular, me. Also was asked if I could work extra hours. Shaz explained to other Boss that I could only work school hours but could probably work extra days. I told her that I could definately use the extra money lol. I had already decided on the extra days when we got the extra jobs the other day. I really really hope when it comes to reviews in June/July that they acknowledge how much help we have been. Last years pay increase was pitiful and left us with a bad taste in our mouths.
We have a new guy in the office (transfer from other office) who is proving quite entertaining from a 'you've got to be kidding' point of view. I have never met such a Male Chauvanist. He was quite surprised apparantly when we were asked to do the extra work yesterday, as if we were only capable of answering the phone and making coffee. He is by no means rude to us, he just truly believes what he is saying. He is in his late 20's and was born here in Oz but his parents are from OS. Different beliefs I guess. So far, quite entertaining.

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Cez said...

I hope you're feeling much better Ann. I guess you're meant to survive on rice and pasta until your bug has passed! Chicken and fish aswell.