Thursday, March 20, 2008

Relaxing day at home. Nipped out to the Post Office and that is about all. Slept for a few hours too. Still feel like S^%T.
My turn to take Sarah to Basketball and Ex will come by to fetch Nic for soccer around 6pm. Hopefully he is dropping her back at 7.30.
Had a brief chat in the car to Bec as she again asked when she is getting her new camera. Reminded her that both she and Sarah currently get money each month in the form of Mobile phone credit and if they wanted anything else they need to step up with their chores. Bec has 3 nights of kitchen duty and Sarah has one night plus bathroom duty. I also said that kitchen duty does not just mean load the dishwasher. Everything else gets left and I end up having to wash up anyway so what is the point in the girls being there in the kitchen. I will reinforce it to the girls on the weekend.
I have promised to take Nic and Renee to see the Hannah Montana 3D movie this weekend. It is only on for 7 days and only at either Broadway or Penrith!!
I emailed my TAFE contact just now and he rang back. He told me that the fee I would pay to start now is $445 for Semester 1 or the $890 for the whole year. The course is apparantly do able in one year. I told him I would be paying the Semester Fee next week. As I have already got the passwords he said I can go onto the site now and get started if I want. Woohoo!!!!! If I felt better, Id do a cartwheel!!

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