Monday, March 17, 2008

Not so bad today at work. Still feel quite yucky so looking forward to Dr appointment on Wednesday.
Spoke with Chez this afternoon to get an update on 'Luuuuke'. Much to everyones shock she has developed gestational Diabetes. She has 9 weeks to go. She has a check up on Wednesday to sort things out. She has not lost or put on any wait the whole pregnancy.
Sarah cooked dinner tonight. Chicken stirfry that she made at school. She did a good job except got a bit carried away with the Chillie and we were all gasping for water between mouthfulls. She did see the funny side thank goodness.
Might do Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday.
Brett had a text earlier tonight from his oldest daughter J. She wants to know if she can come stay with us from March 31 till the end of the school hols. Very strange. I know her mum/stepdad are taking the family to Adelaide in a week or so. Maybe she just doesn't want to go. Dontcha love it when teenagers rebel!!!! Hoping she will enlighten us in the next few days. We have already worked out between us how to make it work so all we need to do now is tell J yes! Still curious as to what is going on!

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