Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where on earth have I been????

Nearly 3 weeks since I last wrote fascinating stuff about my life. What on earth have I been doing?
Busy working I know that much. Its now school hols and Ive managed to snag a day off work in each week. Last Thursday I took Nic and Renee to see High School Musical on Ice. The Acer Arena was packed with girls under 10ish. All singing along to EVERY song lol.
At the beginning of April Bec went and saw Maroon 5 with some friends. She had a great time at her first 'grown up' concert. She got some great photos too. I did worry of course but she is growing up I suppose.
My tummy bug thing that has been going on for months has finally been treated with Antibiotics. Im feeling better but still not perfect. While I was at the Dr's I asked her to freeze off the wart type thing on my nose. She looked at it with a magnifying glass and said no and said I would need to go back next week to get it cut off and she will send it away to be examined. She also mentioned the word cancer and basal cell carcinoma in the same sentence. NICE! (Googled Carcinoma to get correct spelling but couldn't bring myself to click on link) She also told me that the Surgery now has a ph
Chez had a couple of near Hypos with the stupid Diabetes. I remember how scray these are from when I was married to Ex. Chez said she had been waiting for the warning signs as she also remembers from my ex lol. They didnt happen and she found herself zoning out. Some carbs didnt work so straight for the Jelly Beans. Only 5 weeks to go. Im so over this pregnancy!
Brett and I had a weekend with no kids. We went to the Movies and saw Semi Pro. Quite amusing, typical Wil Farrell lol. The next morning we went window shopping. Not really exciting but it was spur of the moment and we could just GO!
Soccer season is back on. So far Becs team has one 2 games. Thats 2 more than last season. She is playing in the Ladies division even thought the average age of her team is around 17. Only problem with winning is they may end up being put up a grade! lol
I'm getting right into the TAFE course. Very interesting and just what I wanted.
I need to keep Blogging cause I can't remember what I do with my time otherwise.

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