Monday, January 07, 2008

Menu Plannning Monday

I used to do this a fortnight at a time and found it saved loads of money and time to know in advance what we were eating each night. Thought I would give it another crack!

Whilst surfing the internets world of blogs I came accross Im an organizing Junkie and saw she does the planning and is encourageing others. I also thought this way I would at least remember to post something once a week!

Monday Menu planning

Monday - Shepherd pie with peas and baked beans

Tuesday - FEC Chicken Schnitzel with salad (FEC - Flour/Egg/Breadcrumbs)

Wednesday - Sausages, chops and potato bake

Thursday - Chicken parcels (One of my teenagers will do this)

Friday - Homemade Pizza

Saturday - Chicken rissoles and salad

Sunday - Hopefully takeaway of some sort.

We leave for Queensland early on Monday (14th) morning which will be around a 10 hour drive so that is why Sunday night will be takeaway, one less thing to worry about.

Otherwise, spent a pretty lazy Sunday at home. Didn't really find out how hot it got until I went out at 5 to the supermarket and it was still in the mid 30's Im sure. Renee spent most of the day on Sims2 which will no doubt end tomorrow as I had a text message from Bec and she wants to come home from her dads a day early!!


libby said...

Great to see you've joined MPM. It definitely helps with the finances plus the agony of deciding what's for dinner. I post mine on the fridge and when the kids ask what's for dinner - I just tell them to go have a look.
Hope you enjoy your holidays in Queensland.


PlanningQueen said...

I am a planner from Oz as well. I do plan fortnightly, aim to grocery shop fortnightly and do the market shop for fruit and veg each week. I am a newbie at posting at MPM as well. Nice to meet you.
Planning Queen

Bonnie said...

hey ... I'm in Australia too. Queensland, actually !!

How do you make your chicken rissoles ?

AnnCee said...

Hi, thanks for popping over!

Chicken rissoles? Well, it differs each time lol. Chicken mince, an egg, worcestershire sauce, onion/shallots, salt and pepper and really anything else you can find plus either bread crumbs or mashed potato cooked earlier (if I remember to cook them earlier). Mix all together and shape into ball/roundish type arrangements. I then fry in a frypan. Sometimes I put in some sweet chilli sauce too and even have added Tarragon. All the kids eat them.

The Fischer Family said...

Welcome to MPM! This is the greatest thing I've found since I started blogging in Sept! It's a wonderful thing!

Debi said...

welcome back to planning and to MPM...

Mommychicky said...

Welcome to MPM land. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. My menu is up here.

Adam & Mommy said...

Welcome to MPM! Your menu looks yummy!