Friday, January 11, 2008

What day is it?

On an off during the day I could have sworn it was Saturday, both of us home plus the kids, very confusing.

Went to Medicare and claimed some money back. The lady said if the receipts are too old, they just send them to head office, so you still get your refund just takes a little longer.

I rang the caretaker of the unit we are staying in next week. Arranged for him to leave the key out cause we won't arrive on the Gold Coast until around 10pm. The plan is to leave home around 9am, get to Taree to have lunch. Next stop Coffs harbour and then one more stop for dinner when we are all hungry. The kids have been sorting out the Ipods, organising what to take, as there is a great chance the weather will still be bad, we will take Boardgames, books and DVD's as well but Im hoping they won't get used too much. The girls have worked out the sleeping arrangements themselves and as usual have gone with one older girl and one younger. They seem to know the right combinations.

Tomorrow Im going to have to pack the ebay orders that haven't been paid for cause no doubt they wouldnt be happy to wait an extra week for their stuff even if its taken THEM 2 weeks to pay. We will find an internet cafe nearby hopefully so we can check bank accounts plus do some bill paying. Sadly life goes on even if you are on holidays.

I broke my Meal plan tonight, we had take a way tonight of Chinese. Renee won't eat it so she had Weetabix and then later Vegemite toast. Baaaaaaad mummy!. Ill make sure I cook tomorrow night as we can't really afford the takeaway.

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