Friday, January 25, 2008

Words every mother loves to hear....

Well this one anyway! 'Mum, I love swimming' These words were uttered by Renee who has always sworn she was never going to swim. The older girls were born with fins and gills so it has been quite a shock to have a non swimmer. Renee tried swimming at Wet and Wild up on the Gold Coast after we bought her some floaties and it went quite well. Took her and Nic to the local pool today and while Nic did some laps and played with friends we found there, Renee took to the toddler pool where she could reach the bottom and started dog paddling, doing a bit of breast stroke and also floating on her back. Waaaay more than she has ever done. I didnt tell her what to do, just let her figure it out for herself and that seemed to work. No idea whether she will be as good or competitive as her big sisters but as long as she can eventually swim to the edge of a pool and climb out I will be confident she wont be a drowner!

Nic and Renee had Little A's tonight. Last night for the season as the local Council has given the ground $250K fo refurbishment and the clubs that use the oval weren't about to say no. Soccer sign ups start next weekend so that should take care of winter sport for the 2 youngest.

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