Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just your average day.

Its hard to know what to put in the title each day. Not every day does something happen that stands out. A few for today could have been - 'Teen slams door' 'Too many Kahlua's' 'School shopping nearly done' 'The things I do for my teenagers....'

I put one of those map things to track visitors to my Blog. I even know who the 2 Aussie visitors are. But look ------> someone in America came to my Blog. Yes, its sad that Im excited. I mean, I know Im fascinating but I realise it will take a while for everyone else to know.

As I mentioned, the school shopping is nearly complete. Just need to get ungrateful teenager Bec a new school bag and other ungrateful teen Sarah 'can I have some more phone credit' some shoes. She didn't come to today's shopping adventure as she went to the movies with her peeps to see Juno. She said it was quite funny. Kmart was 35% off stuff which included the bag for Nic and shoes for Renee. I still need to buy something else for Bec as she will turn 16 on Friday.

Not much else happening, Ive got some auctions underway on eBay to entice the embellishment buyers and the rest of the store is discounted. The Embellishment Castle is in major need of stock updates which may have to wait until next weekend when I'm down to one child.

Which reminds me, aforementioned child Renee came excitedly to us this afternoon as she had created a boy and girl on Sims2 and she had proposed and they were getting married (mary'd in her accent) she was so excited. Her groom to be was called Kyle. I went up to check on her later and by that stage she was shopping for furniture as her and Kyle preferred separate bedrooms...maybe things had gone down hill since the wedding OR maybe, that is the key to a successful marriage!

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