Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 1

School opened today for 3 of my 4. Woohoo! About time! Not that the holidays went to badly of course.

I was out of bed by 5. OMG.45am. Brett offered to give me a wake up call at 7am when he was at work but I thought it was easier just to get up and stare at the television firmly gripping my coffee as I slowly arrived at a new day.

The girls were up early, even Sarah who didn't start today. Bec now starts school at 8am most mornings and has varying finish times depending on the day of the week and if it is Week A or B. Apparently this week is just Induction and next week is Week B. She has 4 or so Photography classes in Week B so she is excited. Nic and Renee were ready to go to School by 8am which for Renee is an absolute miracle. She is still nervous about going up into Year 1 but we keep telling her she can't go back to Kindy again cause she knows it all. Nic told me that she, herself, can't believe she is in Year 5. *sniff* me neither

I went off to work as normal leaving Sarah with a list of chores. I phoned home around 11am and she said she was watching an Entertainment special on Snoop Dog. I asked her if she was bored and she said yes.

It was 'ugly' hot today and this afternoon was still bad. I offered the girls ice creams without Renee having to beg. I still need to take my annual back to school photo as Sarah didn't start today and then tomorrow Bec starts at 8am again and there is no way the other 3 can be ready by 7.30. Bec said it would be too hot to do it after school tomorrow so lets do it next week! I said 'do not interfere with my photo'. She just laughed and I said as it will be hot again tomorrow that I would happily make it an indoor photo. I think I won the argument. Renee was in a bad mood and was even fighting with Sarah which is unusual. I'm sure she was just both hot and tired. Thankfully its only a short week this week and the weekend is nearly here. I'm away at a work conference next Monday and Tuesday so Brett will be home to deal with any 'moods'! I will be on the beach (working hard of course!)

I inherited ended up with my dads camera a while after he died (1990) He used to take fantastic photos with it which I know is due to both him and the camera. My brother gave it a go a few years ago without much success. Brett and I are going to see if we can get it sorted so Bec can use it now that she is studying photography. Its obviously not digital but I'm sure it would be something to use even just to fiddle with lenses and such. I'm going to get some film tomorrow, we think that the batteries I thought it needed are only for the flash so hopefully it will work once loaded, then of course it will need developing the old fashioned way (ie. waiting, waiting, waiting) If we can get it working we will give it to Bec but I won't mention anything to her yet just in case.

Speaking of Bec, I have done her Birthday shopping. She seemed disappointed that I had finished, I guess her reasoning is I still have tomorrow available to shop!

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