Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bedside manner

I had my appointment today to get the 'thing' cut off my nose. The anesthetic hurt!! *snif* my eyes were watering. The nurse and my doctor were then discussing 'slicing' and 'knife size' and I called out 'ear plugs' which had them both laughing. I told her that the pills she gave me last week for the gastro thing had worked and she was quite pleased to get feedback. I said well Im not usually here often enough to give feedback. I still haven't had the blasted pap smear which is all I wanted this year!!
Anyway, they got the 'thing' off and have now sent it away to see what it is although my doc is pretty sure its a BCC. Just need to know if it is nasty or not. I have to ring Monday week to get an answer as of course my Doc is going away but she said if it is nasty, I will hear from someone at the Surgery.
Glad that bits over anyway!
Chez rang again tonight. WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG!!! Now her Liver is playing up and giving high readings. Sympton was itching. Now she has Obstetric cholestasis. Baby Gaylord (Ive renamed him from Luuuuke!) will most likely come anytime next week but most probably Tuesday. Chez would like to be able to keep her legs crossed till Thursday (May) but I don't like her chances. She gets monitored every second day now and then on Monday evening will see her Gyno for the Inducing date.
Bec is amused that I have only picked boy names for the baby. I hadn't realised lol but yes, I see her with another boy! She still says she doesn't know and I still tell her I don't believe her. She did admit that she has done the ring test etc etc and it is the same sex each time and also the sex that she thinks she is having, but of course won't give anything away.
Won't be long now!!

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