Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Renee had an excursion today to an Aboriginal Cultural Centre. When I picked her up from school this afternoon I asked her how was her day. ' It was boring' 'We threw a boomerang, painted stuff and listened' ' The bus ride was SO much fun, I love bus rides'

The funeral is Friday and they have told the Year 9 and 10 accelerated students to go if they want and if they get permission. Apparantly they are going to have the students do a guard of honour which will be quite emotional. The service will be in a nearby suburb and then followed by a burial service elsewhere but I honestly don't think Sarah needs to go to this. This is really the first death that Sarah has had to deal with. Very sad school community.

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Cez said...

I think a guard of honour with the students would be a beautiful tribute to what sounds likes was a fantastic teacher. I hope Sarah is doing ok now.