Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our local High School lost a teacher on Monday. Sarah's Accelerated History teacher had a heart attack Monday morning. Most of the kids found out via the MSN grapevine by Monday night. Sarah came downstairs around 9.30pm and started to talk and I asked her if she had been crying and she just broke down. First day back after 2 weeks of School holidays today and the poor kids were greeted by councellors. He was a very popular teacher.
He was only 49!!!!
Bec's school also had a special meeting as the teacher also taught there a couple of times a week with the Year 11 Accelerated class. He was supposed to have Sarah for this subject for Year 9, 10 and then 11. Today she was supposed to have her normal History class and then after school was the accelerated class. After school was cancelled and during school the other Accelerated teacher came to them (he does the Geography half) but Sarah said he was crying and the Headmaster turned up and he was visibly upset. Sarahs stepmum works at the school and she saught out Sarah for a hug which was nice. She would be hurting too from losing a collegue. Thursday night is the first night back for the basketball team and of course, all but 1 are in the History class so goodness knows how they will concentrate.

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