Monday, February 07, 2005

Swimming Carnival 2

Why doesn't the guy that came to cut our grass today look like John - Desperate Housewife Gabriellas lawn man - rofl!!

Went to Riverstone pool today for Sarah's swim carnival. She did quite well. She forgot her hat of course and the sun was beating down but they were a bit lenient with the sitting in their house groups and the kids were basically told to find shade!! Sarah came 3rd in Freestyle heat, 2nd in back stroke heat, 1st in breast stroke heat and 2nd (by a fingertip) in the Butterfly. I went home after these swims as it was very hot and as I was also hatless (must be hereditory) I was starting to feel ill. Sarah then swam a backstroke final - 3rd, and a Breast stroke final - 2nd. So she should be going to Zone in Breast stroke and Butterfly. Rebecca is going to District (high school) for Breast stroke and Butterfly also. Both girls have told me that Breast stroke is their favourite and I must admit it was the one I was best at also. The other high point of the day in my opinion was the fact that Bully #1 won her heat of the Breast stroke also but in the final another girl won the race and Sarah came second which means Bully #1 missed out - sucker!!!

Ive noticed that the Zone Carnival is on the 23rd which is when I have scheduled the damn Tupperware party so Ill switch that around although I still don't know when the District Carnival is...maybe Tupperware should wait until March!!!

Felt ill the rest of the day and cheated a bit with dinner but got no complaints. Rebecca was in a foul mood this afternoon especially when I wouldnt get off the bed to put the password in the computer for her to use it but Ill put that down the PMS.


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