Friday, February 04, 2005

Swimming Carnival 1

Rebecca didn't want to swim in her one piece cossie at the Carnival
this year, she has a 2 piece tho its not a bikini, covers the same bits as a 1 piece.

Day of Carnival - Rebecca missed the start of the Freestyle but
finished 3rd in her heat. She got out and said she had to pause
after diving in to pull her pants up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I think she
learnt her lesson rofl!! She borrowed a band and tied her pants
up somehow. She then came 2nd in backstroke heat, 1st in her
breaststroke heat ( and she was faster than the winner of the
other heat) and 2nd in Butterfly (only one heat.) So she is at
least threw to the next round in 2 swims if not 3.

She had promised me before the carnival she would wear a one
piece to District and I had even offered to buy her a new one
so she has decided that mum does know best and we will buy her a new cossie on Tuesday!!

Sarah swims Monday!! She has heaps of hair like me and I
wanted her to wear a swim cap but she is refusing. I even
told her she didnt have to do Butterfly if she would wear
a cap for the other 3. So what did she do????? She went
and got her note from the teacher and ticked Butterfly so
she doesn't have to wear a cap!!!

Will they ever realise that just occasionally I know what Im talking about?

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