Friday, February 11, 2005


Having a family BBQ tomorrow and Matt is actually coming. I assume he realises he missed his nieces birthday...he does every year anyhow..oh well. Chez isnt coming either...never know how much notice she needs to make the trip!!

Sarah came home with her District Swim note. She is not representing the School in 2 races, she is in 5 races. All 4 strokes plus a relay. She is going to be exhausted!!! In years gone by (how old do I sound) it was just the first 2 place getters who went to the next level, hence my thoughts she would only be doing Breast and Butterfly. Apparantly now (I assume starting this year) they set a qualifying time and anyone who beats it goes forward. Surely this will just lead to overcrowding rofl!! What if all 8 swimmers beat the qualifying time (highly unlikely I know but hey....) Anyway it will be a long day on the 23rd....both for Sarah and for me sitting up in the stands, and I had hoped to be able to slip away after lunch!! I know her step mum will be there as her daughter did well at her school carnival and will also be swimming in all 4 strokes...against as she does every year !!

I went to the Infants assembly today as Nic's class was hosting. Renée was easily bribed to sit still with a packet of chips. Afterwards we hung around as the kids went back to class. Nic's teacher saw me and I walked towards her just to let her know who I was. Told her I was Nicola's mum and she laughed and said 'Oh well you should be very proud!!!' Gee, she has only had my daughter in her class for 2 weeks!!! Pity the teachers can't observe the kids in their home environment!! lol

During the assembly Nics class sang Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree (including the pants on fire version!!) This evening Renée told Brett and Kookaburra said 'hoot hoot' to which Brett said no it doesn't it goes ' ' so for the next minute or so all I could hear was the Owl vs the Kookaburra. I thought that was a good time to leave for work!!

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