Friday, February 11, 2005

Making lunches at Midnight

I know it saves time in the morning but the 3 evenings I work the last thing I want to do is make the next days lunches. BUT at least I know that Rebecca has left the house with food - the other girls are not a problem - and at least I know that Brett will eat during the day and not have lunch at 3.30 or spend too much money each day on food.

Bretts plumber mate coming saturday to fix the washing machine whatsit. Hopefully we get mates rates and hopefully its not much cause we don't have much.

Spoke to Matt about Saturday. Asked him if he got the email with the invite and are they coming...his comment was even with a written invitation he still forgets. He forgets Bec's birthday every year...grrrrr Anyway I know Susan doesn't like coming over to this part of Sydney (the arse end) so I doubt they will

Brett isnt going to pay Bob again this month. Whilst the extra money will of course be good I still think he is going about this the wrong way and should find a Solicitor quick smart. No idea if we will have the girls this weekend. He hasn't seen them since Christmas Eve. He has been ringing the past week to say Hi to the girls but there is no answer.

I must remember to ring Chocoholics Anonymous tomorrow and get some more info on the Party Plan. Its a shame they need $300 start up fee

Ok, 2 more sandwiches to make and Im off to bed.


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c1h2a3p4 said...

You are a great Mum. I appreciate the work you do so selflessly.