Thursday, February 10, 2005

Its raining

Typically, it rains and all we have are broken Umbrellas. By the time I dropped Nic off it had stopped thank goodness although I had told Sarah to meet us at the gate with the Umbrella she took and she wasn't there..grrrr!!

Transfered Tupperware Party to March 1st as both Sarah and Bec are doing the District/Zone swim thing in the last week of February. Cecil from work will be looking after Renée on the Friday and she is looking forward to it lol!!

Trying today to get in touch with a customer who ordered at the end of January. Not proving an easy task. She wanted to pay with Paypal so if she doesn't return todays phone call Ill send her one of those Paypal request money things and see if she comes out of the wood work!

Brett sprained his ankle at Volleyball last night, silly boy!! Limping around the house. Went to work today but should have probably stayed home with his foot up!!

Work tonight. Gotta remember to take Jenny the Video Camera.

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anywhooo said...

Wow. Thursday already in Australia. It's a cold, cold Wednesday night in Minnesota, U.S. I'm ready for summer weather.